Print and save any file to pdf in windows

The so-called PDF file formats are increasingly widespread throughout the world, especially in the field of office automation. The versatility that these present us in all kinds of uses is great, hence their market penetration does not stop growing around the world.

Of course, in parallel every time we have, for example on the Internet, a greater number of programs to be able to work with these files. Similarly, other more generic applications belonging to all kinds of work areas also add their own compatibility for PDFs. This is the case even with certain types of software of the importance even of the Windows operating system .

With this, what we want to tell you is that the Microsoft system presents us, by default, some interesting functions in this same sense. The same happens with certain programs that we use daily on our computers and that also want to help us work with these PDFs, as we will see. And it is that users need to be able to operate with these files in an increasingly fluid way, something that was once limited to just a few specific programs.

How to print a text document to a PDF

When it comes to working with text documents, whether to edit them or create them from scratch, we have a multitude of programs for it. We have them paid, as is the case with Word that is included with the Office productivity suite, or free. In the same way, Windows 10 itself, in order to facilitate things related to texts, also offers us several simple alternatives.

For example, this is the case with the WordPad that has been around for so many years, or the Windows Notepad. But be that as it may, these programs that we use in Windows allow us to print any text document in which we work, to one in PDF format. For example, in the present case we are going to use the word processor par excellence, the aforementioned Microsoft Word. Therefore, in order to print any text to the Adobe commented from here, the first thing to do will be to load or create the document as such in the program. After that we click on the File menu, where we opted for the Print option.

Here, in the event that we have a printer installed on the PC, it will appear in its corresponding section. But this is not what interests us now, so in the field called Printer, we have to select the Microsoft Print to PDF option . As you can imagine, this is a native part of the operating system itself and it helps us to send the text of the document to a new file in that format.

Then we will only have to assign a name to the new file that we are going to create, and specify its location on the disk.

Create a PDF from an image without using programs

It may also be the case that we have a photographic file of the many that we can use today. Well, as in the previous case, we can also send it to a file of the commented office format. In fact in this case we will not require the use of any additional program. This is because Windows itself wants to make things easier for us in this regard.

Thus, the first thing we do in this case is locate the photographic file in question that we want to print to a PDF file. For example, this is something that we can do from the Windows File Explorer itself , which we access with the Win + E key combination. Once we find the file with the image that interests us, we just have to click on it with the right mouse button. From the contextual menu that appears, in this case we opted for Print.

This will lead us to a new window that will allow us, as in the previous case, to send that image and print it to create a new file. Also in the section called Printer, we choose the option called Microsoft Print to PDF. In addition, here we can customize some common parameters such as the resolution at which we will send the image, or its size.

Print web pages to PDF with any browser

Current Internet browsers are widely used programs at the moment and there are many alternatives that we can use. We have programs of the importance of Microsoft’s Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, among others. But of course, as most of you can imagine, in order to get the most out of these applications, in most cases it will be necessary to have an Internet connection.

However, that is something that is not always possible, so we can use other alternative solutions. We mean, for example, being able to continue reading our favorite news page, such as SoftZone, but offline, offline. Well, one of the solutions we have in this regard is to be able to print any website to a new PDF file. This is something that we can carry out, today, from practically all programs of this type.

Thus, in these lines we will show you how you can do this with the most used web browser in the world, Chrome. Well, for this, the first thing we do is load the web page in question using the traditional method, from the address bar. Next we go to the program menu from the button that is represented by three vertical dots. Among the options that will appear here, in this case that concerns us, we opted for Print.

This will lead to a new window in which we can see a preview of the page that we are about to print, so we can check how it will look. Also, in the Destination section, we select the option to Save as PDF. It is also interesting to know that here we will have some configuration parameters to specify how the content will be in the new file.

In this way, we can tell the program if we want to read the web saved vertically or horizontally, the pages to be saved per sheet, or the pages we want to print in the file to be created.

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