Prevent web pages from opening your windows 10 applications

The Internet has become a hugely helpful and useful tool at this time, both at leisure and in daily work with Windows 10. However, at the same time we must take certain precautions when using it in the browser, since some dangers to avoid.

The truth is that these dangers to which we refer, tend to occur more commonly when we use the Internet without taking precautions. If we do not access sites of dubious reputation, or click on unknown or suspicious links, the chances of attacks are significantly reduced. With everything and with it, the integration of offline and online jobs is there, so we have to get used to this tandem that will grow over time.

However, on certain occasions, we may be interested in being able to separate the Internet a little from our local work in Windows 10, and not only for security. We say all this because we have a good number of installed applications on our computer. Thus, on certain occasions some websites that we visit from the web browser try to make use of them without permission. This is not always going to be interesting, so it is a section that we have the opportunity to customize, as we will see.

It must also be recognized that on other occasions, this interaction between the websites we access, and the installed programs, cannot save time. However, if we tend to browse somewhat suspicious websites, this is something we should avoid. Specifically, we mean that certain online portals can, by default, make use of some of the tools that we have installed on the PC.

This way you prevent certain websites from accessing your Windows 10 applications

Therefore, in the event that we want to avoid these types of actions so that they are not carried out by default, we will show you the way to achieve it. This is something that we will have to customize using the Configuration application that is integrated into the system. Therefore we press the key combination “Win + I” so that it opens, and in this case we opted for the “Applications” option of those that appear.

In the new window in which we are going to place ourselves, we will see that on the left side there are several configuration options and customization of the programs in Windows. Well, the one that interests us at the moment in the so-called “Applications for websites”, where we click. At that time, specifically in the right section, a list will appear with those Windows 10 apps that are likely to be used automatically while browsing.

Therefore, to avoid that the websites associated by default to them can open them without our permission, we only have to change the state of the control next to it. It is worth mentioning that by default all the options available here are activated, since that is the state assigned by the operating system. Therefore it is important that we take a look at the commented list to see what we want to deactivate.

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