Patch tuesday: why it’s tuesday and it’s so important to windows

There are several types of updates that the software giant, Microsoft, releases for its own products such as Windows 10 and Office. In these lines we will discuss those that are sent monthly in known as Patch Tuesday or Wednesday Patch.

To begin we will tell you that the aforementioned Patch Tuesday of the firm based in Redmond, is an unofficial term that refers to the day of the updates. This is where launches for both Windows 10 and the office suite come into play , something that the firm has been fulfilling since 2003. Security updates for these products are released here, as well as various bug fixes.

The Importance of Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Thus, as new vulnerabilities and security flaws are discovered, the Microsoft development team releases fixes. These updates are released as a cumulative update every second Tuesday of the month. Saying that all of this helps the company reduce the cost of distributing these patches and gives team administrators an idea of ​​when those updates will arrive .

In this way they can act accordingly. What’s more, since the update is released on Tuesday, administrators have plenty of time before the following weekend to download and install those patches and fix potential serious bugs, hence the chosen day. In fact, you should know that there are several companies that also send security updates that same day from Microsoft. What’s more, some of these also reach computers through Windows Update.

Either way, these patches are extremely important, as many fix the latest security flaws found in the operating system. Therefore users should install these cumulative updates as soon as possible. They are implemented only for supported versions of Windows 10, hence the danger of using versions without official support from the firm. But of course, apart from these releases that we comment on, if a critical vulnerability is detected, the corresponding update can be sent immediately.

We must not skip the installation of Windows updates

What’s more, most of the time the company itself includes release notes for those Patch Tuesday releases. With all this, what is tried is to make clear to the users everything that was fixed in the cumulative update. At the same time, and if we take into account the growing number of vulnerabilities and attacks that plague us, some wonder if this Patch Tuesday is enough.

And it is necessary to bear in mind that it, as we mentioned, is carried out monthly. Therefore according to security experts , to properly protect users the quality of these updates should improve. We tell you this because, as we have seen so many times, some of these patches cause problems on the computers. In fact, this is one of the great handicaps that Microsoft faces, the failures of its updates in Windows Update.

Whether cumulative or feature-based, these download, installation, or operational failures should go away. However and seen what has been seen, this is something that the Redmond have not managed to alleviate. Hence, at this time we have the possibility to postpone the installation of these Windows 10 patches and updates that arrive through Windows Update.

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