Open any program automatically when windows starts

Every time we start our computer with Windows 10, it is in charge of loading by default a series of essential processes to be able to function correctly. In addition, it is possible that it automatically loads any program so that it starts once the operating system is ready. That is why today we are going to check how we can configure Windows 10 to run programs automatically once it finishes booting.

There are programs that when installed give us the options to start at the same time as Windows. In other cases it is not possible to configure this option, so there are situations that make it comfortable for us to start automatically. As long as we do not abuse these automatic starters, since some consume many resources and can affect the performance of the PC, it never hurts to know the different ways that Windows has to be able to carry them out.

Is it advisable to start many programs at the same time as Windows?

In general, it is recommended that Windows start with as little application load as possible. In this way, we manage to reduce loading times to a minimum, as well as avoid wasting computer resources. This is something that we will notice and appreciate if our PC is not very powerful or old or does not have much RAM. Therefore, you always have to try to use logic and common sense. For example, there are programs such as antivirus, cloud services, VPN programs or the drivers that we have installed that are interesting to run when Windows starts. However, you must be careful with starting secondary programs or those that are not essential at the time of startup, as these will make Windows take longer to start up, and that during the first moments of using the PC it will be slower.

Of course, there may be times when we would like Windows to start some applications by default at startup time and have them open at our disposal at startup time. Given the case, if the opening speed does not concern us, or we have a fairly powerful computer with an SSD instead of HDD and a good amount of RAM, this should not be a problem for us.

Among the applications that make up the operating system, we will find some that have their own option from which we can indicate that we want them to run automatically once we turn on and start our computer. Others, on the contrary, do not have this function so it is something that we must activate within the Windows configuration settings and in this way get them to run automatically.

Different ways to open applications directly when Windows starts

When configuring our operating system to be in charge of executing certain applications at the same time that Windows starts, we have several ways to do it. Either adding a program in question to the Startup folder, or using the Task Scheduler or the Windows Task Manager. Next we are going to review these options, so that we can add any application to run automatically every time we start Windows.

Add the program to the Startup folder

The first thing to do is view the hidden folders. To do this, we open the file explorer and click on the “View” tab. Later we mark the option of «Hidden elements».

Next, we must access the Programs folder at Windows startup. To access it, click on the icon «This team» and then on our «Unit C». Here we will select “ProgramData”, later we access “Microsoft”, and then “Windows”. Now we will enter the “Start Menu” folder, then “Programs”, and finally “Start”. We can also access it directly by copying the path to the address bar of the file explorer:

C:/  ProgramData / Microsoft /Windows / Start / Menu "Programs / StartUp

Once we have accessed the folder, we must enter in it the shortcut of each application that we want to start automatically when Windows is turned on. To do this, we can directly drag the shortcut to the «Start» folder. Another option would be to right-click on the shortcut, select “Copy” and then “Paste” in the “Start” folder.

Configure any application from the Run window

Another way we have to configure any application to open when Windows starts through the Run window. From this window we must open on the one hand the folder where all the shortcuts of the programs that we want to start together with Windows are located. On the other hand, we must open the folder where all the shortcuts of all the installed programs are stored.

To do this, we are going to press the keyboard shortcut Win + R to open the Run window. Once opened we must write and execute the command Shell: startup and later the command Shell: AppsFolder.

Once we have both folders open, we must select from the «AppsFolder» folder the applications that we want to run automatically when Windows starts. Now, we select we just have to drag it to the “Start” folder. Once we have created the shortcut in the “Start” folder, the program would start by default when Windows starts. In addition, not only can we enter any program, but we can also enter the direct access to a website so that it always opens when we start our computer.

Use Windows Task Scheduler

Another option that we have available to establish that an application runs automatically when we start our computer is through the Windows Task Scheduler. To do this, from the “Start menu” we will write task scheduler and select it.

Next, click on the “Action” tab located at the top of the window and select “Create basic tasks. A new window will appear where we must indicate a “Name” and a “Description” to the action that we are going to perform. We click on «Next» and in the «Trigger» section, we select «On starting session», which will be when the task we are programming is executed.

Click on «Next» and go to the «Action» section. Here we choose the option “Start a program” and click on “Next” again. Finally, we must specify the path where the executable file of the program we are programming is located. Once this is done, click on «Next» and «Finish» so that our task is scheduled. In this way, each program that we add will run automatically when Windows starts.

From Task Manager

It is also possible to use the Windows Task Manager to enable or disable the applications that we want to start automatically with Windows. The easiest way to access the Task Manager is by pressing the “CTRL + ALT + DELETE” key combination and choosing Task Manager. You can also access it from the “Start menu” by typing task manager.

Once inside, click on the “Start” tab, from where we can enable or disable the applications we need. Of course, unlike the previous options, from here we can only configure those with which we have automatically logged in with Windows at some time, not being able to add new applications.

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