Never lose sight of your mouse with this windows function

Surely we have ever seen the typical mouse tail effect when moving the cursor on the screen. Especially the old LCD screens that had very low response times. Although nowadays this function is not necessary thanks to the technology of current screens, the tail, or mouse trace, in addition to giving a nostalgic touch to our PC, it can also help us to always have it in view and follow it across the screen more comfortably. And it can still be activated in Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a large number of customization options that allow us to change the appearance of the elements of our computer according to our tastes. In addition to the themes and color palettes, it also allows us to customize the appearance of our mouse. And activate the most interesting functions, such as, for example, the pointer trace.

Activate mouse trace from settings

One of the ways we have to carry out this simple configuration on our PC is from the Windows configuration options. To do this, we will enter the Settings menu> Devices> Mouse, and there we must select the “Additional mouse options” section.

A window will open with the general options of our mouse. In this window we must select the ” Pointer options ” tab , and check the “Show pointer trace” box.

We can adjust the length of the mouse’s tail according to what we want it to have more or less and that’s it. We click on the apply button, we accept the changes and that’s it. Our mouse will begin to have a tail when we move it around the screen, making it easier to locate it wherever we take it.

In case you do not want to continue using this function, what we must do is go back to the previous section and uncheck the box of the pointer trace. This will return it to its default values.

Press Control to see where the mouse is

In addition to activating the mouse’s tail, there is another very useful option that also helps us to always have the mouse cursor in view. In the configuration window above, the last option that appears is called « Show pointer location when pressing CTRL key «.

If we activate it, every time we do not know where the mouse is, we can easily see it by pressing this key on our keyboard.

Edit the record to activate the mouse tail

Another way to activate this Windows mouse function is to do it directly from the operating system registry. We will open regedit from Cortana (or from the Windows + R menu) and in the search bar at the top we will enter the following path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Mouse

We must look for the value “MouseTrails”. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll create it as a new string value and give it that name.

Regarding the value, we can assign the value “0” to deactivate the queue, 2 to have a short queue or 7 to have a long queue. The same that we can configure from the settings window that we have seen in the previous step.

The changes may take effect instantly, but it is still recommended to restart your computer for them to take effect. When we no longer want to use the pointer trail, we simply set the MouseTrails value “0” again and voila.

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