Is your monitor too dark at 100% brightness? Try these tricks to increase the brightness in windows 10

The correct operation of the screen is essential to feel comfortable with the use of any device. One of the fundamental characteristics of it is brightness , a fundamental element for users when buying a product. Its configuration is not complicated, however, sometimes problems such as a lack of brightness of the screen can appear when the value in its configuration is at its maximum. To solve this, the screen must be calibrated and take full advantage of its characteristics. Next, we are going to see tricks to increase the brightness in Windows 10.

The Microsoft operating system includes various tools for monitor configuration and troubleshooting in this regard. Like all elements, the screen requires the use of its corresponding drivers, and these must be correctly installed and updated. Before starting, it is essential to make sure that the brightness problem is with the screen and not with the application, game or web that is being used. For this you should only try with different means.

Increase the brightness through Windows settings

Night light is a feature included in Windows 10 that is used to display warmer colors so that the user is not disturbed by their eyes at night and helps them fall asleep later. It is likely that the feeling of dullness is caused by having this option activated. To check it, you only have to access Configuration – System – Screen.

On the other hand, Windows 10 provides a tool specifically dedicated to calibrating the screen. It can be accessed from the control panel or through a search. The option is called Screen Color Calibration and you just have to follow the instructions set by the tool.

It is also important to check that there are no third-party applications that modify the user interface, add visual enhancements, or otherwise interfere with screen brightness. If so, it just needs to be uninstalled or properly configured.

Some computers also have some display settings in the BIOS. It may be the reason why the screen is not displaying correctly.

It is essential to configure the graphics driver correctly

Sometimes a problem occurs with your computer’s graphics driver. Therefore a possible solution for the brightness problem could be to restart the computer or the graphics driver. To restart this element you just have to press the Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B keys . The screen will flash and restart quickly.

Generally, the greatest control over brightness is in the settings of the operating system itself. However, sometimes conflicts may occur or not take full advantage of the display’s capabilities due to graphics driver settings. Therefore, checking the configuration of that driver could be the solution for screen display problems. Access will depend on the brand that signs the graphic component.

If none of the options have solved the problem, another of the possibilities that the user has to increase the brightness is the reinstallation of the corresponding drivers.

Sometimes the installation is damaged by some kind of conflict with other programs or files. To do this, it is recommended to perform in Safe Mode (the PC runs with a low level of graphics). To uninstall you have to access Device Administration – Display adapters, right click on the adapter and uninstall. When you restart the computer it will install automatically.

Disadvantages of using excess brightness on the screen

But of course, like almost everything, it is not advisable to abuse an excess of brightness on the screen of our computers. It is true that in many cases this increase can provide us with better visibility of certain elements or modes of operation of the equipment. For example, this is something that becomes especially evident when we are playing certain games, editing videos, retouching photos with a lot of zoom, etc. However, under normal use, excess screen brightness can do more harm than good.

We cannot forget that in some cases we spend a good amount of time sitting in front of that screen. Therefore, if we do not take certain precautions, this could affect our visual health in the future. On the other hand, forcing the brightness of these hardware components can also reduce their useful life, or that they begin to not look good. And all this without counting that in the day-to-day, for example in laptops, this significantly reduces the autonomy of the equipment.

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