Install regionally restricted apps from Microsoft Store on Windows 10

The regional restrictions are not exactly a complete block, rather make it more difficult to install the application. The restricted applications on Microsoft Store will not let you input you can install them , but you can circumvent the restrictions relatively easily. You don’t even need a VPN to do it.

App stores are a good way to distribute apps, as they offer the user a single place to download apps and receive updates. They also allow developers to exercise some additional control over the distribution of their applications. For example, they can restrict the installation of an application to a specific country or region.

Install restricted apps from Microsoft Store

To install a regionally restricted application, you must first make sure of two things: 1) Know in which country the application is available, and 2) you must have a Microsoft account connected to your user in Windows 10. The process would be more complicated with an account local.

With these prerequisites in place, take the following steps:

# 1. Open the  application page in your browser and minimize the window.

# 2. Open the Settings app , select Time & Language, and then go to the Region tab .

# 3. Open the Country / region drop-down menu , and select the country where the app is available.

# 4. Then go to the Date & Time tab and turn off the Automatically set time and Automatically set time zone switches .

# 5. Now open the Microsoft Store application . You may see the message ” Update Microsoft Store “, in which case you should click the Refresh button  and allow the application to reload.

# 6. Go back to the browser and click Get, and when the browser prompts you, open the Microsoft Store.

# 7. So, in the Microsoft Store, click Get and then Install.

# 8. Finally, you can restore your original region and time settings once the application has been installed.

Changing the region of your Microsoft account will only allow you to bypass store restrictions. Many regionally restricted apps only restrict where they can be downloaded. For apps that don’t have any kind of mechanism to check if they are running in the correct country, you will be able to use it without a VPN.

However, other restricted apps in the Microsoft Store include in-app controls to prevent it from working in disallowed regions. In that case, you will need to install a VPN in order to use them.

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