Improve your projects in paint 3d using the spectacular designs that microsoft offers us

From the outset Windows 10 includes a good number of functions and applications included with the operating system itself, such as Paint 3D. With this, what the firm intends is to greatly facilitate the use of the software from the first moment we put it into operation.

Some of these applications will be more useful than others, all depending on the type of use we make of the equipment. However, what almost no one doubts is that some of these have been with us for many years and versions of Windows, and for a reason. We say this because there are certain apps that over the years have gained great acceptance among users.

This is the case, for example, of the popular and loved by many, Paint, an image processing program built into Windows 10. Despite the many rumors that have appeared about her disappearance, there she continues to endure and used by many. These rumors were greatly increased after the arrival of its successor, Paint 3D, an alternative more focused on the treatment with three-dimensional objects. However, despite everything, it has been shown that the coexistence of both apps is justified, at least for the moment.

Regarding the most modern, Paint 3D, it is true that it is somewhat more complex to use, not in vain we will deal with three-dimensional elements, with what this entails. But Microsoft has tried to make things easier for us in this regard as much as possible, as it wants everyone to get into 3D. It must be recognized that not everyone is in a predisposition to start designing objects and projects related to this, at least from scratch.

Take advantage of the facilities that Paint 3D offers using already pre-designed objects

That is why it is surely interesting to know that the program itself puts at our disposal a series of pre-defined three-dimensional elements. This will save us a good amount of work, since we can use them for other larger 3D projects, or edit and adapt them to our liking. It is also worth knowing that these are presented in a considerable quantity, so we will have many samples to choose from.

Well, in order to make use of these predefined elements, the first thing we have to do is open the application as such. Then we can open a new blank document, or access a project that we already have underway. Once we find the Paint 3D work desk, we will see that in the upper toolbar we have several options.

In this specific case, the one that interests us is the so-called “3D Library” so that all the elements that we have available in this regard appear. Therefore, directly we already find a new window in which we find several categories of predesigned 3D elements. Here we will see the most common such as animals, cars, food, characters, while we can use the integrated search engine.

As it is easy to imagine, we can already use any of these elements to integrate them into our 3D projects, as well as edit or change them, which will save us a good amount of time.

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