Improve windows performance by disabling this feature in chrome

For several years now, Google Chrome has not stopped growing in terms of users and therefore market penetration. This basically occurs since Microsoft’s Internet Explorer began to lose the trust of its users due to its security flaws, among other things.

Therefore, Google has taken the opportunity to become the undisputed leader in a very important sector such as web browsers. The importance we are talking about is largely given by the enormous use we make of these programs at this time. Whether from our PC or laptop, or from the mobile browser is one of those programs that are not needed. What’s more, a good part of our sessions is spent in operation, as surely many of you already know.

A good part of the growing success of this proposal are the many functions that the program itself presents to us by default after its installation. In addition to this we can add the number of extensions that we can use in order to increase the capabilities of the program. Of course, something that we must bear in mind is that it is not advisable to abuse these elements. The reason for this is very simple, and that is that these extensions, like the rest of the browser, consume PC resources, sometimes many. Therefore, if we abuse them, this could negatively affect the rest of the computer and its software.

Advantages of using Chrome on the PC

These allow us to add functionalities that at first we will not find in the program by default. But as we have already commented on more than one occasion, abusing these elements is not always a good idea. This can affect Chrome both functionally and with regard to the security of the data that we handle here.

To all this that we comment, we can add the power to work in a consensual way from the browser, with many other platforms and services of the firm. For all this we only need to create a free Google account and take advantage of all these advantages.

However, despite its enormous acceptance and use, this is an application that is not without its flaws and negative points. In fact there are many who complain, for example, of the high consumption of system resources that Chrome carries out. This is something that is mainly due to the massive use of both extensions and eyelashes. On the other hand, there is the issue of privacy that Google establishes for its products and services, something that almost no one likes either.

It could be said that despite its enormous market penetration, around 70% of the total at the moment, one of the biggest complaints from its users is privacy. This is something that is extended to many of the platforms and applications that Google itself offers us for free in many cases. Here, of course, Chrome comes into play, so many end up opting for other similar proposals, but more private. But despite everything and due to many of the functions it presents, this is still the preferred alternative for most users.

How Software Reporter Tool Affects Windows

In fact, in these same lines we are going to talk about another controversial aspect that perhaps many of you do not know. And it is interesting to know that the moment we download and install the Google browser to which we refer, we also download the Software Reporter Tool.

Well, to give us a rough idea, say that this is a tool that we can find in the same Chrome folder on Windows. The application is located in the subfolder called SwReporter which we can easily access from Windows Explorer itself, for example. But at this point, many may doubt about the real role of this element that is within Chrome. Some may wonder if it is some kind of malware or malicious code. This is not the case, but we might still be interested in being able to block it, as we will see below. To give us an idea, we will say that Software Reporter Tool is a tool that Google itself distributes with its browser.

Therefore, from the outset we can discard that it is some kind of malware, specifically here we talk about a cleaning function that the browser itself integrates . If we want to be a little more specific, we will tell you that actually Software Reporter Tool is a functionality in the form of a browser application that is responsible for removing certain programs from the system. These are those that at a certain moment can cause some problems to work in Chrome. We talk about errors such as crashes, the change of our home page, or displaying ads on the screen that we do not want to see. In short, applications that the Google program considers negatively affect the browser.

Operation of Software Reporter Tool on PC

In this way, Software Reporter Tool is in charge of scanning our equipment in search of this type of problems that can affect the browser and later inform Google so that, if necessary, Google itself is the one who requests the user to eliminate any program that may affect the correct functioning of the browser.

The search giant itself ensures that all this is carried out as a useful tool to help improve the user experience. While it is true that on some occasions it can be of some help to avoid problems when browsing, Software Reporter Tool may not convince everyone. Specifically, we mean that, especially in older equipment or somewhat limited in terms of specifications, its operation could be negative. The main reason for this is that this is a feature that on certain occasions can consume more system resources than we would like.

Here we are talking about a high consumption of both CPU and RAM memory, so the behavior of the computer could be seriously affected.

Disable this Chrome software

Therefore, in the event that we want to block the Chrome cleaning tool that we are talking about, we will show you how. This is something that, as we mentioned, may be especially pressing on older computers. Therefore, if this is your case, we can choose to block the Software Reporter Tool application in Google Chrome.

Therefore, the first thing we have to do for all this is to delete all the permissions so that no user can access it. We are talking about eliminating the permissions on the folder located inside Chrome that we talked about before so that nothing and nobody can run the Software Reporter Tool. Thus, the first thing we will do is open a File Explorer window , for example with the combination of Win + E keys.

After that, in the window that appears we go to the disk location that we show you here: C: UsersUSUARIOAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataSwReporter.

Once here we have to right-click on the aforementioned folder called SwReporter and click on Properties. After that we go to the Security tab where we click on the Advanced Options button. Finally, we click on the Disable inheritance button and then on Remove all inherited permissions from this object.

Here we have already deactivated all the permissions on the folder in its entirety, so we accept everything for the process to run. And voila, in the future the Chrome Software Reporter Tool will no longer be able to run on the PC, so it will not affect it.

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