Improve windows 10 performance by disabling some of sites internal features

Over the years and based on new updates, Microsoft has significantly improved the customization options of Windows 10. In this way we can adjust the system as much as possible to our personal needs, as we will see.

And it is that one of the objectives of the firm is that we can edit some of the preferences that come by default in the software to optimize its use and operation. Keep in mind that this not only refers to the interface section, but also to the functional one. It is true that everything related to the appearance of Windows 10 is important, but being able to adjust some of its internal functions helps to optimize its smooth operation.

We are talking about a software platform that, with the passage of time and updates, has considerably increased its functions. That is why many users prefer to disable some of these, especially if they know that they will not use them in the future. In this way, what is achieved, at least in part, is to free up the use of PC resources , with which we gain in general system performance. This is something that many will surely appreciate, especially those who have old or somewhat limited equipment.

It is for all this that in these same lines we are going to show you the way to gain some performance in Windows 10, all this by deactivating some of its internal features. The system itself brings with it a series of functions and programs activated by default that we can easily deactivate if we think that we are not going to need them. To do this, first thing to do is put ourselves in the Panel Control of Windows, you can enter terms in the search box on the Start menu to open it.

Disable some Windows 10 features to make it work better

Once we find the aforementioned Control Panel on the screen, we have to go to the section called “Programs”, where we click. Then, in the new window that appears, we opted for “Activate or deactivate Windows features” to give way to the options we are talking about. It will be then that a pop-up window will appear where we can see a list of the functions that we have the opportunity to deactivate permanently.

It is worth mentioning that in this section we find a good number of internal options of the operating system that we will have the possibility of deactivating if we wish, as well as several programs. Among these we can highlight applications that have been with us for many years but that we rarely use such as Internet Explorer, the PDF printing application in Windows, legacy components, XPS documents, the system virtual machine, PowerShell, etc.

Therefore, to activate or deactivate everything we want in this section, we only have to click on the selector that is located next to each of the elements that we see. What this will achieve in some cases is to improve Windows performance by releasing certain processes.

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