Improve powershell in windows and change sites default font

Among the many applications and functionalities by default that we find included in Windows 10 itself, one of the most powerful is PowerShell. This allows us to carry out a multitude of tasks in the system based on commands, such as shutting down the PC from PowerShell, but we can make some adjustments to adapt its operation.

Along these same lines, we are going to focus on something as important to many as the fonts that we are going to use here. And you have to take into account that here the text plays a very important role, so using the most appropriate font is basic. Say that the mentioned PowerShell allows us to customize the font in which the text is displayed.

Change the default PowerShell font

To begin with, we will tell you that here we have some specific sources that we can choose from. Of course, we will not have the entire operating system font library at our disposal. This is because some of these are intended to work in the command terminal , but not all. At this point we will say that changing the font is something easy, so we can easily set the one that interests us the most in each case as the default. Say that this step will allow us to work in a more optimal and comfortable way with this section of the Microsoft Windows system .

In the event that we are interested in carrying out this change that we mention, we explain how to do it. Thus, we can change the font used by PowerShell by right-clicking on the title bar.

Next we click on Properties or Default, where we will see a tab called Source. Then from here we will have the opportunity to select a new font and its size. In the event that the changes we make here are not kept for future sessions, we will have to select a different one. So when we do, PowerShell will remember it.

It can also be the case that trying to change the default font does not change, which is a problem. At this point we will tell you that it can be given by the source that we are selecting at that moment, that is, that it is damaged.

Fix errors when changing the font

Therefore, in case we need to fix the source itself, most likely have to download and install it back into the computer with Windows 10. Here it complicated is trying to identify why a particular source has damaged. What’s more, it may be that it works perfectly at a certain moment, but suddenly it begins to fail for no apparent reason. Therefore, reinstalling it in the Windows / Fonts folder is the fastest and most effective solution.

To get hold of them, in addition to going to a repository of sources of the many that we find on the Internet, we have another solution. This is to access another PC with Windows 10, go to the aforementioned disk path, and export the fonts that we want and that are damaged in the original equipment.

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