How to write an email from cortana with dictation voice command in Windows 10

Thanks to the Windows 10 assistant, Cortana can send emails without the need to write, just using voice dictation. As it is integrated, it is not necessary to download it and with it we can convert voice commands into text.       

How do you use Cortana to send a voice command email?

To get started, go to the text field you want to edit, now press the Windows logo key. With this we open the dictation toolbar, then say what you want to appear in the text. To stop dictation just say “stop dictation”, this action can be done at any time you want, then continue. 

windows 10 startup where cortana shows you what it does like listening to write your text

When using a tablet or touch screen, touch the microphone icon to start, and touch again to stop. Cortana offers us many functions, we also find other applications that do similar jobs such as the function of transcribing the audio to text . Cortana also offers us a voice command system with which you can start applications in Windows 10 .

Then you can tell it to “send mail” and Cortana will ask you a series of questions as to the recipient and from which associated email account you want to send the mail and it will be able to finish sending it for you easily. 

Other features and benefits of using cortana in Windows 10

This artificial intelligence has become a useful tool, since it can not only be used to send emails. We can also configure it to start searches in your preferred browser, either Google Chrome or Firefox.

Other useful functions that you can perform with this Windows 10 assistant are to install reminders for times, places and people. To do this you must locate the reminder icon, and say the following voice command “5:45” to Cortana, “remember me”. You can have cortana remind you at a specific time, a specific place, or when you are talking to someone.

start windows 10 where you can see the configuration options of cortana

Cortana has a notebook where it stores information about your preferences, such as: your favorite team. This undoubtedly  facilitates subsequent searches for personalized content, you can store information for as long as you allow it. Record your usual routes and where you spend most of your time, if there is other relevant information write it down.

Cortana also allows you to search for files on your computer, such as: old or recent photos, music, videos, documents. It also allows you to make changes to your system, such as activating or deactivating your Wifi, all this speaking naturally.

If you ask Cortana something she doesn’t know she will look it up on the internet, you can ask her the meaning of a word. Any information you need to know you can ask Cortana and it will search for the answer on the internet. If you ask him about the weather, he will give you the information for that day and for the whole week. 

 One of the functions most used by many is sending emails without pressing a key. For this add your email accounts, then say the name of your contact and the wizard will locate it. Now you can dictate the content and send it without having to touch a key thanks to your new personal secretary. 

 Cortana also allows you to perform several activities on your computer at the same time, without interrupting what you are doing. This is thanks to the fact that the assistant does not take over your windows or the cursor, it simply listens to your requests. What will allow you to read and respond to emails while adding reminders or other information necessary for you. 

As we have pointed out, this artificial intelligence is really very useful thanks to its various functions, such as those already mentioned. But it can also identify recorded songs that are heard around you, make quick and accurate calculations.

 The experiences when using this assistant are very interesting, both for work or simply for those who use it to chat. Cortana has a wealth of responses that make her an ideal companion, and she can be a lot of fun. He can tell you jokes and even sing songs to you, you can wish him good night. Cortana offers many functions in the Windows 10 assistant .

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