How to view Windows installation date on computer

There may be times when you want to know when the operating system was installed on your computer. Luckily there are several simple ways to see the Windows installation date, regardless of the version you are using on your PC.

In a previous post we have seen several ways to know the version of Windows installed on your computer. Today the issue is closely related, since we can get the exact date that the operating system was installed on our PC.

View Windows installation date

Using systeminfo

From Windows XP to Windows 10, the user can use the systeminfo command to get the date the system was installed on the computer. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Command Prompt (CMD).
  • Type the following command to get only the original install date:

systeminfo | find / i �original�

If you have done it correctly, the Command Prompt and systeminfo command should give you the result of the Windows installation date.

Alternatively, you can use the systeminfo command without a filter parameter, getting more additional information, as shown in the following screenshot:


In Windows 10 there is a new way to view the details of your system. You must open the Settings application   (Windows + i) and go to the System group  . Scroll to the bottom of the left column and click  About.

At the bottom of the About page you will see the Windows Specifications section  . Here you will get the installation date in the Installed on field . In addition, the system edition and version and the build number are displayed.

Alternatively, you can enter the About page   directly by searching for it in the Windows 10 Start menu.

Date Windows was installed

It seems that knowing when the operating system was installed on a computer is of no use. But the truth is that sometimes it is necessary. For example, it could help you to know the approximate date you bought your computer; that you acquired some program, etc. In the same way, you may want to know how long you have been using your system without having to reinstall.

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