How to update drivers or drivers without programs in Windows 10

Procedure to update drivers or drivers without programs in Windows 10

Drivers or controllers are essential for a computer to function smoothly and efficiently. For this reason, if any of the devices you have connected to your computer is failing with Windows 10 blue screen errors or presenting problems, it may be due to an incompatibility of the drivers.

To be able to carry out this process, you only need an internet connection and follow a few simple steps that we will indicate below:

Steps to update your computer’s drivers without programs

  1. First of all, you must be clear about which device is failing, as this will allow you to select the correct option to update the drivers.
  2. Locate the Windows icon, which is the icon to open the startup. Instead of pressing the left click to open the startup, you will have to press the right click.
  3. When you do the previous step, you will see that a small menu is displayed with multiple options, among them ‘Applications and features’, ‘Power options’, ‘Event viewer’, among others. The option that we will have to select will be ‘ Device Manager ‘.
  4. In any case, if you still cannot access this place, we recommend that you inform yourself to find out where the device manager is in Windows 10 .

Enter device administrator

  1. When you access the ‘Device Manager’, you will see all the devices that are connected to the computer. That is why you will find display adapters, network adapters, system devices, monitors, keyboards, ports, disk drives and much more.
  2. When identifying the device that is presenting the faults, click on it to display a list. In this list we can see all the available devices.
  3. To update the drivers, right-click the device you want to update its drivers for.
  4. Next, click on ‘ Update driver ‘. Doing so will open a small window that offers us two options, the first is for Windows itself to automatically search (either on the computer or on the internet) for a more recent driver for the device.
  5. The second option is that on your own you look for the controller or driver on the computer, that is, manually.
  6. Select the first option in case you don’t have the driver; If the driver is already on your computer, look for it in the files and select it.

Update the drivers of your equipment through the page of the manufacturer of your computer

Another practical and simple way to update drivers without programs in Windows 10 is by using the drivers offered by the manufacturer of your computer. Whether your equipment is from the Acer or HP brand, you can get drivers from their official pages.

Using Windows 10

  1. To download the drivers that correspond to our computer we will have to see the specific model of the equipment. For this we right click on the Windows icon (with which we display ‘Start’), and then we select ‘System’.
  2. Being in the ‘System’ window, we will have to locate ‘System information ‘ and click on this option.
  3. A new window will open in which we can see all the basic information of the equipment, from the version of the operating system it has, to the type of processor, the type of system and much more.
  4. On one side you will see the model and manufacturer of the equipment. This information is essential to find the correct drivers.
  5. Now you just have to search the manufacturer’s official website for the latest available drivers and download them. Also keep in mind that you should know if the operating system you have is 32 or 64 bits .
  6. To install and update the drivers, just follow the steps indicated in the first part, that is: right click on start – Device Manager – display the device list – right click on the device – select ‘Update driver’.
  7. Finally, click on the second option, that is to say ‘ Search for driver software on the computer ‘ and select the downloaded file, click on next and that’s it.

Remember to follow the steps to the letter so that you can perform the procedure correctly and update the drivers of your computer without any inconvenience.

As a complementary aspect, we recommend that you know all the ways to update the drivers of my Windows PC . In this way, you will be aware in various ways to have the drivers always updated.

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