How to turn the volume up and down with the keyboard in Windows 10 easily

It may seem silly, but being able to lower and raise the volume of the system from the keyboard can make life more enjoyable. In particular if you spend many hours in front of your PC. As every second counts, we show you a simple method to adjust the volume in Windows 10.

Change volume in Windows 10

The advantage of this method is that it is extremely simple and does not require the installation of a third party application. It involves assigning a quick launch key to a shortcut.

Change volume in Windows 10

  • Hover over an empty space on the desktop and right-click
  • Select the new option and then Create shortcut
  • In the field type the location of the item type this command % windir% \ System32 \ SndVol.exe -f 49825268. 
  • Name the shortcut and press the Finish button.
  • After creating the shortcut, right click on it and select the Properties option .
  • When the properties window opens, select the Shortcut tab
  • In the Shortcut Key field , click and select the key you want to use to open the volume options.
  • Press the Apply button and then OK.

Now every time you want to modify the system volume you just have to press the hotkey you selected to activate the volume control. When it is active you can raise and lower the volume with the arrow keys on the keyboard (Up and Down).

It works even if you have other applications open, just press the access key and the control appears. Now if you have a full screen application like Windows 10 Movies and TV , the command is disabled to use unless you minimize the screen.

Control volume in Windows 10 with Volume 2

If you want something more specific, you have the possibility of using a third-party application called Volume 2. It can be downloaded from its official page for free.


This application allows you to configure from the mouse to the keyboard shortcuts. You can get the exact volume level you want for an exact moment, modify the sound independently, or combine different volumes at the same time.

  • Install Volume 2 on your PC and run the application to start the setup.
  • Select the option Keyboard (Keyword) from the menu on the left of the application.
  • Select the Add button .
  • Choose the action you want to run. You can choose to activate the volume control, lower the volume, increase the volume, or choose other options.
  • Then select the key combination to be able to activate the option you want to configure. It only allows you to choose a specific group of letters to optimize their use.
  • When finished, press the Enter key and the action will be saved.

The action you choose may be available for specific times. It is done from the application in the menu by selecting the Tasks option. Specify what time you want me to take an action and how often.

Control the volume with the mouse

From Volume 2 you can configure the mouse to activate in volume control. The function can be activated by moving the mouse wheel on the taskbar. You can also assign functions to the mouse buttons (right click, middle click, left click) that can be activated from the task bar or by long clicks.

In an application easy to use and has no greater complexity. Although you must be careful and you have other applications that work with hotkeys on the system.

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