How to turn off my computer or laptop screen in Windows 10 without suspending? – Definitive guide

Turn off the laptop screen with the power button

This first option is basic and very simple. It really is! The first thing you should do is restart your computer, followed by pressing “Win + i”. This will take you directly to the computer settings.

Next, click on the “System” option, immediately on the left side of the screen, you will see a menu with different options, click on “Start-shutdown and suspension”.

On the right side of the settings panel you will find the option “Additional power settings”. Click on it. This option will open a new window, with a new menu on the left side, click on the option “ Choose the behavior of the power button”.


windows 10 desktop

Now you will open a new tab where you will find all the available options to configure the power button. Choose the option “Turn off screen”, and voila, you can turn off the screen in Windows 10 with the power button. It’s really easy!

Similarly, there is the possibility of creating shortcuts to shut down, suspend or hibernate in Windows 10 , depending on the case of your preference for the moment.

Enable computer sleep or hibernation in Windows 10

Now, if you are looking for a way to suspend your computer while you are not using it to save energy, here you can find the way to do it in Windows 10.

The first thing you should do is press “Win + i”. Go to the “System ” option and click on “Startup-Shutdown and Sleep”. Press “Suspend”, and change the configuration of the minutes you want the computer to wait before suspending itself.

This option is the most recommended to turn off the screen in Windows 10. Because you will not only turn off the screen, but also allow the computer to rest, thus saving battery and energy. This is very important so that your computer does not suffer damage in the future.

Other methods to turn off the screen in Windows 10

Currently, it is possible to find different applications on the market that allow you to turn off the screen in Windows 10. Users who use these apps assure that they are simple and effective, so you should not worry.


windows 10 startup

They will not always be the best option. However, if you have no alternative, you could try these tools.

To use these applications it is necessary that you enter the different websites, the most common are: Turn Off Monitor, MonitorES, Dark and Blacktop, or download a bat file through the Microsoft TechNet repository.

It does not matter which tool you choose, in the same way you must download it to your computer and follow the installation steps to start using it without any inconvenience.

Our recommendation will always be the main method, through the configuration of the computer’s shutdown button. This way you will avoid possible risks on your computer.

Why avoid risks on my computer?

Before concluding, you need to know that computers are very delicate, so using new programs (of questionable origin) could be a bit risky. We recommend avoiding possible risks because, otherwise, you could lose very valuable information.

Obviously, no one wants to lose everything they have saved on their computer. So, don’t do anything! Just choose methods that go according to what you need and put the screen to rest with what we have taught you.

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