How to turn my PC’s microphone on or off in Windows 10

Actually, this question is quite common. Many times when connecting a new audio device we can find that this function is disabled.

For example, in Discord, it is very common that it does not recognize the microphone when it is totally deactivated. Without this feature, you will not be able to make video calls or Zoom meetings.

Or, on the contrary, we need the microphone not to be activated to be able to make any changes and even use our headphones with the included microphone without fear without being disturbed by the latter.

It is also possible that you want to deactivate your microphone to prevent some malware from recording without your authorization through this device.

Whatever the reason you want to modify the configuration of this instrument, here we bring you a quick, step-by-step guide on how to do it.

We clarify that there are two ways to configure the use of your microphone, so we show you both so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.



Mute or unmute the microphone for all apps

In the case of activating or deactivating the microphone on computers with the Windows 10 operating system , it is done from the settings panel in the menu.

The first thing to do is direct the cursor to the start icon (the one that has the characteristics of four Windows windows), which you can find in the lower left corner of your screen.

After clicking on start the Windows 10 menu will be displayed, here we will select the “Settings” option.

The tab that we have chosen will open, from the various alternatives that they show us, we will choose the “Privacy” button, the one that has a padlock as a symbol.

Thus, this action will take us to another menu in the form of a bar located on the left side. In it, we will choose item number four: “Microphone”, since it is what we want to modify.

We have finally reached the point where we can choose if we want to activate or deactivate the microphone in Windows 10.

Then, we will have the option “Allow applications to use the microphone”, which is activated or deactivated with a sliding button.

It is important to note that this choice affects all applications. If the microphone is active in this mode, all your applications will be able to use it and vice versa when it is deactivated.



Mute or unmute the microphone for specific applications

Now, if what we need is that certain applications have or do not have access to the microphone, the system gives us the option to modify it individually.

The procedure is basically the same as we do to activate and deactivate the microphone for all applications. That is, we will follow the following steps:

We must go in the same way to the main menu of Windows 10 and select “Settings”.

Direct our search to the “Privacy” window and within this go to the “Microphone” tab to configure it.

At this point, we will see on our screen the slider button to “Allow applications to use the microphone.” It must be active, that is, give authorization to the system so that all applications can use the microphone.

Finally, we will find at the bottom of the window a list that allows you to “Choose the applications that can use your microphone”.

In it will be all the applications and each one of them will have a sliding button on its right side to activate or deactivate the use of the microphone.

In this mode we highlight that you must manually configure the use permission for each application.

With this new information, you can activate or deactivate the microphone in Windows 10 without any inconvenience.

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