How to switch between dark and light theme automatically in Windows 10?

Depending on the lighting of the place where you are and the time of day, it will be necessary to switch between the dark and light theme automatically in Windows 10. This to improve the display on the screen and avoid visual fatigue.

The arrival of the latest update to Microsoft’s operating system brought with it many improvements for the user. Among them the large amount of customization that can be applied to the interface.

The colors that have identified Windows since its inception are the different shades of blue. However, with the latest versions of the operating system they have added light and dark themes, the first with bright shades of white and the second with darker colors within all screens.

Switch between dark and light theme automatically in Windows 10

To do this, you obviously have to know how many versions of Windows 10 there are and then How to update Windows 10 even without enough hard disk space.

Contrary to older versions, Windows 10 October 2018 Update allows to switch to dark theme according to user need. Previously it was quite limited but with this new update this modality was extended, being now applicable to File Explorer and Firefox.

Also, in the May 2019 Update version, a light or luminous theme was added, which makes the interface appear with white tones. Depending on your preferences, the time of day and the brightness of the place, you will want to use one or the other.

The light and dark themes were created for a better display of the screen and avoid visual fatigue when working for hours in front of the computer.

dark and light theme automatically in Windows 10

It is best to use the light theme during the day and switch to the dark one at night or in places with poor lighting. Without the use of external software, it is impossible to configure the themes to change automatically according to the time of day. However, there is an application that can solve this problem quickly and easily.

Auto Dark Mode

This application allows you to switch between the dark and light theme automatically in Windows 10 is as easy as deleting or removing the list of apps in the Windows 10 start menu.

She takes into account the schedule configuration you have for this. Best of all, it’s free, simple, and quite intuitive.

To start using it, all you have to do is download the exe file. And run it on your computer. When you open it you will see that although it is not translated into Spanish (yet) it is quite easy to understand.

Steps to configure the application

The first thing you will see when you access it will be a menu with different options. There the first thing you should do is check the first box to switch between the dark and light theme automatically in Windows 10.

After that, you will see a drop-down menu where you can configure which applications you want to change color with the theme, or to remain light or dark regardless of the mode the PC is in.

Below is another drop-down menu. In this you can basically set the same settings, but applicable to the entire system.

night mode in windows 10

It also allows you to configure so that when the dark mode is active, the colors you have chosen in the Windows 10 settings are applied by default.

When you’ve changed all the settings, the last thing left to change is the wallpapers. You can configure a different one for each theme, so the wallpaper will change automatically with the mode changes.

To finish and fulfill the task of switching between the dark and light theme automatically in Windows 10, you must select the time in which you want each theme to be active.

For example, that during the day the light or luminous mode is activated, and during the night it is switched to the dark theme at a certain time.

The only way to get this app safely is through the GitHub website. Its developer has tried several times to publish it in the official Microsoft store but the system support prevents it due to the type of functions that it applies in the Windows 10 interface .

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