How to speed up startup and startup of Windows 10 to the maximum

Although it often happens that when you turn on a computer and begin its startup, it can take a very long time. It is important that you know that it is very likely that sometimes this happens because you do not have the necessary parameters.

What does this mean, that if we do not have the minimum hardware requirements , the startup boot will not be able to be accelerated. But if we have these, we just have to apply these little tricks and   speed up Windows 10 startup and startup to the maximum.

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We must always have at hand the knowledge regarding our equipment, its hardware and software. Know the performance, how much RAM memory my PC has , what applications we have, etc. Why? Because this will allow us to know if the corrections or procedures to be applied are going to have the desired results.

How to speed up startup and startup of Windows 10 to the maximum

We are going to start executing certain actions, which will help us to accelerate the start of Windows 10 every time we turn it on. The first thing we will start to do is go to Start and on it we make a right clip, a small box with options appears and we must choose Run.

Then a box appears and we must write the following word  msconfig and then press the enter key on our keyboard.

A small window will appear on our screen, it will be in General and you must verify that the Selective Start box is selected , it is almost certain that you have the Normal Start option activated.

You must remove that option and choose Selective Start, once this is done, we will go to the Start tab. We select this tab and it will take us to another window there we are going to modify the waiting time option.

And we are going to put 15 seconds, here a parenthesis if at any moment you want to boot the computer it will not allow you because it will not give you time.

That is why you must re-enter these options and enter the time you had before changing it. And now we are going to select the box that says No GUI startup and now we are going to select the Advanced Options button.

We make a clip on it and a new window appears, in it you will choose the Number of processors option and you must choose the highest number that appears, and then press accept.

Use the task manager to speed up the startup of thttps: // PC

Now we are going to go to Windows startup, which is the most important part of the whole process, here we are going to find the option to Open the task manager. We make a clip and all the programs that start with Windows are presented. Many of them are time consuming to boot Windows 10.

And we are going to see a list, in it we can disable some program, which is not necessary to start when we turn on the computer. To disable it, we select the program and then click on Disable.

You will have access to this program, you just have to select it, open it and it will start. It is important that you never disable antivirus .

We close the window where we are, it will take us to the previous window and there we will select the Apply button and then OK.

Once this is done, a window will appear that offers us two options Restart and Exit without restarting. We must choose the option to restart so that the changes that we have made on our PC can be applied.

Something that also prevents Windows from starting quickly is the amount of icons you can have on your desktop. That is why I advise you to create a folder and put all the programs in it and this will avoid a slow start of your PC when you turn it on.

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In this way you will have made important changes to your personal computer and have been able to solve a problem, which is very frequent among users of this operating system. And with these little but effective tricks, you have learned how to speed up Windows 10 startup and startup to the maximum.

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