How to solve problems by importing your photographs to the app photos of windows 10

One of the pre-installed applications that Windows comes with is the Photos app, which allows you to easily import photos from different devices connected to the computer, such as mobile phones, cameras or external hard drives. However, sometimes we can find certain problems when importing your photos to the Photos app in Windows 10. Next, we are going to show some recommendations and steps to follow to try to solve them.

The truth is that depending on the type of device that we connect to the computer, the solution may be one or the other, however, there are certain steps that we must take regardless of the type of device to try to solve connection problems when importing photos to the Photos app in Windows 10.

Steps to follow to solve problems importing photos into the Windows 10 Photos app

If we are trying to import photos from a mobile or external storage unit then we will have to bear in mind that both devices may have a security system that prevents unauthorized access. On mobile phones, we may have to enter the pin, pattern or fingerprint to unlock it before they can be imported into the Photos app.

In the case of external storage devices, we may not be able to import the photos into the Windows 10 Photos app if we do not have the necessary permissions on the device or we have blocked access to it. Therefore, what we must do is close the Photos application, check the permissions, unlock the access and open the application again.

If it is a camera from where we want to import the images to the Photos app, we may have to previously review its configuration, since certain models cannot export photos directly. In this case, we must remove the card and use a card reader to import the images into the Windows application. In this case, we must also be careful since the memory cards may also have to be unlocked.

In addition, there are other factors to take into account and that we must review, such as the connection cable. If possible, we will have to try another cable to rule out that the problem is not with the cable itself, which cannot be detected or is damaged.

Although in most cases all these devices are plug and play, it is possible to verify that no driver or special software is necessary to recognize the connected device and be able to import your photos.

It can also happen that the USB port is damaged, so we can try to connect our device to another port and see if the problems are solved. Finally, if with all this we have not managed to import the photos from our devices to the Photos app, then it would be better to restart the system and try again.

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