How to save your PC drivers before formatting Windows 10

We are talking about programs that are necessary for them to work, the network graphics card and sound, the printer, the scanner, the motherboard, among others. These programs come in the operating system; here we will show you how those drivers work and what is the easiest and fastest way you can  save the drivers before formatting your PC and installing windows from scratch .

How do drivers or controllers work? 

There are two types of controllers, there are the universal ones and those created by the manufacturer; In the first case, for example, the Microsoft company has designed and created several drivers that are compatible with most PCs.

Well, whether we have a Windows and you want to update it with the most current one than Windows 10, you will see that many of the drivers will be automatically installed on your PC.

driver properties

In the case of specific drivers, they avoid possible incompatibility problems and guarantee better performance on the device; but whatever types of drivers you have, they are very necessary for the software to be able to understand and interpret what the hardware wants to do.

For example, if you have an image that you want to print, the driver allows you to communicate with whatever type of printer you have installed, to perform the function you want; the same happens in the case of the other drivers.

Hence the importance of having them well updated, with good performance, and in case you want to format your PC; don’t forget to create a backup copy of your windows 10 operating system ; Here’s how to do it quickly and easily.

Save drivers easily

To save the drivers you must make a backup copy of the drivers, and go to the official driverupdate page, where you can search for drivers or you can save them when you download the program; When it is ready you go to my documents and open the installer by double clicking, when opening you must accept the license agreement , which we recommend you read.

After having the controller window open, it will show you several options, one of which is that by pressing the Start scan button you can update all the drivers ; and it can serve you when some of your drivers are crashing.

slim drivers free

You go to the tab that says backup and you will get all the drivers that you have available on your PC; After you check all the boxes on the list, you look for the folder where you want to save the backup copy of the drivers, which we recommend to be on a USB memory; Well, you are going to format your PC and everything you have will be erased. For this we recommend that your USB memory is fully formatted and clean ; If you want to know how to do it, consult our guide.

Final steps and performance improvement

As soon as you have the formatting done and you want to restore the drivers, press the button that says restore from and it will automatically send you to my documents so that you can look for the USB where you saved your backup.

Then check the boxes of all the drivers that you want to be restored and hit restore; and your computer will automatically restart with your drivers restored and updated. If you have done all this to improve the performance of your pc, it would be good to test if it has improved, for this, see this guide to learn how to know the performance of your pc.

We hope that this article has been useful for you because knowing the usefulness of the drivers lies in the performance of your PC; you will be more aware of updating them and fixing driver problems. We could also see how to create a backup copy of the drivers, in case you have to format your PC to install Windows, quickly and easily.

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