How to roll back or roll back a driver to a previous version in Windows 10

If you have problems in relation to an update in the driver of a hardware component, it is best that you learn How to revert or revert a driver to a previous version in Windows 10, a process that we will teach through the following article.

Updating the drivers or drivers of the PC is essential for the correct functioning of the PC . Still, sometimes there are problems when updating.

Without a doubt, if you have problems related to updating a driver, it would be best to go back to having that previous version. This process can be done very easily, in any case, if you have doubts do not worry as we will guide you throughout the procedure.

What is the purpose of rolling back or reverting a controller to a previous version?

If you know what and what the drivers are for , you will understand that constantly updating them is undoubtedly highly recommended. In any case, not all changes are positive and in many cases an update of a driver or controller can generate inconveniences or problems.

If you have indicated that the performance of a game, application or your system in general has decreased after an update, the best thing would be to uninstall the drivers of the graphics card or other components and return them to a previous state, that is, reinstall that one. driver version you had before. You will learn how to do this through the following tutorial.

Motherboard and other components

How to roll back or roll back a driver to a previous version in Windows 10

As we pointed out earlier, returning a controller to a previous state is quite useful in certain circumstances. If you have doubts regarding this procedure, don’t worry, we will teach you how to do it step by step:

Reverts the controller to a previous state

  1. The first step will be to go to the control panel, this can be done by starting Windows and typing “Control Panel”, once the result appears, press on that option.
  2. Make sure the option “View by:” is configured in “Category”. If so, the “Insecurity system” section should appear, click on this option.
  3. On the left side several tabs will be displayed, click on “Hardware and sound” in the section of “Devices and printers” you must click on the option “Device Manager”. You may see a system permission notice on the screen, you just have to click on the “Yes” option.
  4. The device manager will be displayed on the screen, where all the devices installed in the system are located.
  5. Locate the device that is having problems and which you want to revert to a previous configuration. Once you have located it, right click on it and then on the “Properties” option .
  6. At the top you must click on the “Controller” tab. Various options will be displayed here, in any case, this time you must click on “Revert to the previous controller”.
  7. You may need to wait a while, after which you should revert to the version that was previously installed on your system. When the change is made, the system will ask you to restart the computer.
  8. Once the computer has restarted, it will have the previous driver or driver installed again.

PC component drivers

I do not see the option to Revert to the previous driver

It is quite possible that the option mentioned in the previous tutorial will not appear, in this case, the truth is that not much can be done, since not all the drivers can be reinstalled or returned to a previous version.

In any case, there are certain measures that you can take into consideration to prevent this from happening again. Being the first one, just download the drivers directly from the manufacturer’s websites and have them stored in folders on your system.

By saving the drivers to your PC, you will ensure that you can access them in the event that a new version of a driver misbehaves or has problems.

This also avoids the inconvenience of Windows installing drivers that are not very effective. Another useful measure is to set up system restore and restore a backup of the Windows registry , measures that could solve many other problems as well.

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