How to repair or fix error 0x800765e in Windows Update?

Windows is known for many things, from its great features to its fatal bugs. It is for the latter that this guide was created, so that you can learn how to repair or solve the error 0x800765e, since there are many users who have begun to present this serious failure.

It should be noted that this tutorial was created specifically for the aforementioned failure, so if you have any other problem with Windows Update, such as the update error 0x800F0986 , you will have to look for another tutorial to solve your problem, because here you will not find anything about it about that.

You should also know that it is recommended to have Windows updated or with a legal license from the Store, so that these solutions can work perfectly.

How to repair or fix error 0x800765e?

Now, to be able to repair or solve error 0x800765e effectively, there are several solutions available, so today we will show you the best ones that have proven to be most effective.

To achieve the first of these solutions, you have to go to the start of your Windows and write the word “Run”, then you must hit enter, that will open a window where you have to proceed to place: services.msc and hit again enter.

Then you will be taken to another section where you open a long list of Windows system options (these are local services), within it look for the one called “Windows Update”.

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When you find it, left click on it and then right click, then press “Properties” in the drop-down menu that will appear. This action will cause a smaller box to appear, within it change the “Startup type” option to automatic, and voila, that should correct your mistake.

The problem solver!

If with the above you could not repair or solve the error 0x800765e, then it is time to remove one of the heavy weapons of Windows, which would be the option to solve problems.

To do that, you must go to your start and place in the search bar “Troubleshooting”, when you get an option with the same name, click to enter it, this will send you to a security and maintenance section.

Inside it, look for the option called “Troubleshooting” and press it, with this you will be redirected to a window where you must click on the “Correct problems with Windows Update” selection that is right there.

It will then start an automatic problem detection process, where your error will be completely detected and corrected, thus allowing everything to function as normal again.

Use the Windows CMD console!

Now that you’ve read the above you should be able to repair or fix the 0x800765e error, however, if you still can’t do it, there are still other solutions you can try, and one of these is to go into the CMD command prompt and fix the error. from there.

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To achieve this, you have to first go to Windows startup, then type CMD and wait for the program with the same name to appear, when it does, right-click on it and run it as administrator. This action will pop up the CMD window, within which you must place the following commands in order:

Net stop wuauserv, net stop cryptSvc, net stop bits, net stop msiserver, Ren C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old, Ren C: \ Windows \ System32 \ catroot2 Catroot2.old, net start wuauserv, net start cryptSvc, net start bits, net start msiserver.

It should be noted that you must put each command separately, that is, one by one, and hit enter when you place them to take effect. When done with all of them restart the computer and voila, the problem should disappear.

With everything you read, you must have already solved your problem, so you can withdraw to try solutions, however remember that this is not the only problem you may present, so it is recommended that you look for guides that will teach you how to correct error 0xd00000034 , or similar ones.

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