How to remove suggestions from contacts app in Windows 10

Windows is the most comprehensive software in the computing environment. This is because it is established as a kernel that develops a group of operating systems aimed at managing the resources available on a device. It is estimated that more than 70% of computers in the world use this software.

The origins of Windows date back to 1985, when the Microsoft company had already developed software for computers called MS-DOS and Windows would be the improvement of this. However, this new stage was considered complete enough to become full-blown software.

Windows got a positive response from the user community, so Microsoft decided to launch the first version, which it called Windows 1.0. And since this moment, more than ten versions have been developed, each with new technological advances.

How to remove suggestions from contacts app in Windows 10?

Windows 10 contacts app

Windows 10 was released in mid-2014, and is positioned as the new and improved version of the Microsoft family of programs. It is a fast and multifunctional interface that develops intelligent actions based on the user’s daily activities. It also offers some alternatives for customizing navigation tools and others.

The intelligent design in Windows has allowed the software not only to be available on computers, but also to encompass new innovative technologies such as the so-called Smartphone. That in general terms they are smart mobile devices that perform functions of the computer and basic functions of a cell phone, such as sending and receiving calls or messages.

Windows Mobile is certainly a splendid tool in terms of technological quality and innovation. It contains some previous configuration settings that are intended to make life more enjoyable for the user and that largely resembles the Windows 10 option.

Steps to remove suggestions from contacts app in Windows 10

Contacts in Windows 10

In Windows 10, smart technologies have been developed that allow some functions to be optimized. So that the user can make the most of their applications.

One of these options is called “contact application suggestions”. That seeks to correlate to the contacts that we have stored in any platform where it is located.

This type of tool may be a bit annoying for some. Especially in those people who are not interested in “expanding” the number of people or contacts. Of course, this can be easily fixed by opting for the settings available in Windows. To do this you must follow the indications:

  • Click on “start” and access the list of available options. There select “settings”.
  • Later you will have to select the “personalization” portal .
  • Next mark in the option of “task bar”.
  • Once you are in the taskbar section, you will have access to different spaces for settings. Swipe on the list and tap on the contacts option.
  • In contacts you will have to select the blue sliding button with the alternative “show contact in the taskbar” which will turn gray to notify that this option has been deactivated.
  • After completing these steps, you will be able to enter the taskbar in a regular way to perform other activities.

Some options available on the taskbar

There are other taskbar settings that you can make if you want to further optimize your device. Try activating the smart functions that allow you to perform activities much faster and discard those functions that you do not consider useful.

Other customization options that you can find in the new version of Windows 10 are framed in the navigation methods of the software, such as the cursor or pointer , background colors and the view of thumbnail folder icons.

Similarly, Windows 10 also offers customization options. With which you can adapt the operating system according to your needs. For example, you can remove the contacts icon from the taskbar , among other alternatives.

Finally, it is important to note that the Windows 10 version offers very new features. That go beyond the routine, and also guarantee a better optimization in the work carried out on the computer.

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