How to remove or disable search bar from desktop in Windows 10

This was achieved thanks to the existence of an operating system called Windows, which until now has reached the version of Windows 10 that is very easy to use, however many users do not know how to remove or deactivate the search bar from the desktop in Windows 10.

The search bar is an extremely important resource that is needed in Windows 10, for some perhaps this bar can be very uncomfortable or they do not use it many times, therefore they are looking for a way to deactivate it. However once the bar is disabled, you can quickly search your Windows files from your keyboard.

In this article we will focus on describing to Windows 10 users how they can configure the search bar in this great operating system.

It is a system that is improving day by day with its updates. Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the best operating systems and if you want to obtain an official version of it, you must click on the following link to download Windows 10 from its official website.

start search windows 10

Using the search bar

This bar has been created by Microsoft programmers because it helps to directly show everything that the user decides to search for on their Windows 10 computer. The advantage of this great bar is that all kinds of files can be found that are saved on the computer.

There is no doubt that the only disadvantage of this toolbar is that it is not small and takes up a lot of space on the desktop of our computer, therefore users prefer to uninstall it.

It should be noted that many systems technicians when installing Windows 10 prefer to deactivate this bar at once. Therefore many times when acquiring a computer with this newly installed system, we do not see the bar.

Removing search bar from Windows 10

windows 10 toolbar

By removing the taskbar that Windows 10 offers to its users, you can gain a little more space on your computer’s desktop, which is very advantageous for many users of this operating system. However, there are several versions of Windows 10 with small differences between them, which allows you to compare and download the best version.

It should be noted that it is extremely useful to disable the Windows 10 toolbar on laptops or computers that have a small screen.

Hiding or deactivating the search bar in Windows 10 is extremely easy to do. There are only a small series of steps to follow, which are described below:

  • First of all, you must position the mouse on the taskbar. To then right-click on it, in this way several options will appear.
  • In one of the options that are displayed, there is a call “ view ”. This option is the one we need to select, so that in this way we can achieve the task of deactivating the Windows 10 search bar.
  • Later we must select the option to disable or deactivate. With these three simple steps, the Windows 10 search bar will be completely disabled from our beloved operating system.

Windows 10 is a great operating system, it can be found officially in the link that was left in the first section, in addition Windows 10 offers many functions such as how to work with several monitors at the same time in Windows 10 , which It is certainly very advantageous for stores that need to sell monitors or televisions.

We hope that our dear readers have understood How to remove or disable search bar from desktop in Windows 10.

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