How to remove double blue arrows in Windows 10 files and folders

With these arrows, it was implied that the folder was compressed, all in order to save space on the disk and thus optimize its operation . However, many have been the users who disagree about this new feature, which they consider unsightly and aggressive to the eye.

All this because it does not contribute anything to the system or even to the way of working. With this feature being arbitrarily implemented, Microsoft denies the user will and makes this action a permanent adjustment.

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How to solve this?

If you are a resentful user of the Windows 10 system and you want to remove these arrows from your folders and files, all this has an easy solution. In order to remove this configuration from the system, you just have to follow the following steps below:

  1. Start by downloading an icon file which is called empty.ico, you can do it from this link
  2. Next, you must press the Windows + R keys. The search will open and inside the box, you must write the following command: % programdata%
  3. Once you have pressed the enter key, you will see that the ProgramData folder will open
  4. There you must place the empty.ico icon that you have downloaded and close it.
  5. After that, press the Windows + R keys again . And in the search box write regedit, once you have pressed enter the registry editor will open.
  6. Once there, you must locate the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer
  7. Proceed after this to press the right button on Explorer and a new menu will appear, there you must follow the following “New> Password
  8. Once here you must rename the new key as Shell Icons
  9. Now, you must select the Shell Icons key and you will see in the right panel a new string value ( REG_SZ ) which will have the name 179
  10. Once ready, you must double click on the value 179 and after that, a value information tab will appear where you must write: % programdata% \ empty.ico

Once this is finished, you must close the registry editor and also the user session or, failing that, you can restart your file explorer.

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How to remove the two blue arrows from a specific folder in Windows 10.

If what you are looking for is that you can simply unzip a file or even a specific folder and thus eliminate the two blue arrows, you will have to do a series of simple and fairly quick steps.

Start by right clicking on the folder or file you want to remove the arrows. Once the options box is displayed, you must select the “properties ” option . Once there, you must select the “General ” tab in order to have access to the advanced options panel.

Once this is done, you will see that a window will be displayed in which you must make sure to locate the “option to compress content to save disk space “, this option must be unchecked and if not, proceed to do so.

Once you have unchecked it, click on the Accept button so that the said file is automatically unzipped and all the data has been saved successfully.

These are all the data and steps that you must know in order to reverse this option, which although it is not something that affects the system, can become visually annoying. Remember that all the steps you do are not permanent and can be reversed.

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