How to recover all deleted or damaged Windows files / Stellar Data Recovery

It is a way to recover files deleted after formatting PC hard drive . Even an alternative to recover deleted photos and videos on PC with Jihosoft Photo Recovery.

Of all the data recovery programs that have hit the market lately, this is one of the best. It has a more usable design and is among the best in terms of the number of recovered files.

Regardless of the Windows operating system you have, it is always a wish to want to revive those files that were mistakenly deleted.

For this reason, I am going to show you how to use this spectacular application, as well as the various ways to recover files, whether individual or by folders.

Files deleted or lost

Very often we delete files or folders that are in local drives or also in external storage.

Sometimes it can happen that we accidentally delete some important files permanently and then you regret having done it.

This type of recovery process is where Stellar Data Recovery is of great benefit. Furthermore, this tool also helps to recover files when system crash occurs due to sudden BSOD error.

The application has the ability to understand powerful scanning algorithms that search all sectors of the hard disk. To do this, you just have to press the search button and let the program take care of the rest, starting the scan.


Once this task is done, select the files separately and hit the recovery button and find the folder where the information is stored.

Recover deleted files

You have the following options to recover all deleted or corrupted Windows files . Even lost data on your desktop or laptop with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery application:

  • On the left side, start by selecting the root node of the drive. Or just check the box next to “File name “.
  • You must choose the option that has the name “Recover ” in the window that appears.
  • Now select “Browse ” to choose a location on your computer with Windows operating system.
  • Select the “Start saving ” option .
  • Search for the recovery folder on your PC and you will be able to see the recovered documents.

You can recover the folders or files by categories

One of the best options that the program allows is that you can recover specific types of files. You must do the following:



  • When starting the program, you must first select the tab called “File type “.
  • After this, you will choose in the main folder any file that you want to include in the process.
  • Check the file or folder type in the lower right pane.
  • You must select the “Recover ” button.
  • Now click on “Browser ” to be able to select a location on your Windows computer. Or add a path to the bar.
  • You must click on the “Start saving ” button.
  • Find the recovery folder on your PC to view the file.

Get the full version of the app

In order to purchase the full version of the Stellar Data Recovery software for Windows, you can download both versions from the internet.

For the Pro version, you must make the purchase of it, which has a cost of $ 79, $ 99 and $ 199, depending on the version you need. In case you want to use the Stellar Data Recovery program with all its functions, you must pay for it and download it.

In case you first want to observe the operation of this software, remember that you can try its free version, which also fulfills its function very well.

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