How to put Windows 10 photos app dark mode easily?

Dark mode is an option that Windows has introduced for a long time. However, its activation process depended on the registry editor, a different way than what Windows 10 now offers. If you wonder how to easily put the Windows 10 photos application into dark mode? pay attention to this interesting article.

Just as you can activate the dark mode in Google Docs on Android and in other applications, Windows presents several options similar to this one, such as the one that we will discuss below.

How to put Windows 10 photos app dark mode easily?

Dark mode is a very useful tool for those users who want to protect their eyes from the constant bright light of their computer screen. Dark mode can be activated in Windows 10 and also for pre-installed system applications.

Next, we present all the information you should know about dark mode and an easy way to activate it for the Windows 10 photos application.

Windows 10 Start Menu and Background

What is Windows 10 dark mode?

Dark mode is a feature available in Windows 10 that modifies the user interface to a “night mode. This tool is characterized by turning windows black, clarifying fonts and icons.

What is this mode for?

Windows 10’s dark mode serves to present the user with a more pleasant interface in an environment where there is little light and the screen is very bright. Therefore, it protects the sight of people who work long hours in front of the computer. In addition, it saves the battery if you have an OLED screen.

In the latest version of Windows 10, an expanded dark mode was introduced that encompasses all components of Windows Explorer. In this way, activating the function will reveal an even darker interface.

What is the Windows 10 Photos app?

The Photos app is a built-in Windows 10 program that works like the old photo viewer from previous operating systems. It has a customizable interface, a video editor, a photo editor, and the option to create a custom album and even add 3D objects.

What is the Windows 10 Photos app for?

The Windows 10 Photos application is used to view photos by default. These files are stored on the computer, which fulfills the function of collecting and displaying them to the user. In addition, it allows the editing of videos and photos, making this program more useful.

Although some prefer to open photos with the classic Windows viewer , Photos integrates interesting options that the classic program simply does not have.

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Procedure to put the dark mode to the Windows 10 photos application

To activate the dark mode to the photos application from Windows 10 you must open this application. Then go to the menu icon (three dots). There you will find several options, of which you must choose “Settings”.

When entering the configuration, the system will show you different options. You must select “Appearance”. This option presents the “Mode” setting with three options: “Light”, “Dark” and “Use System Settings”. Windows 10 marks the last option by default. However, you must check the “Dark” option if you want to activate the black background.

Use dark mode in the photos app

Finally, you must exit the application and open it again. In this way, you will have activated the dark mode. Therefore, you will see the interface with a black background that will highlight your photos when there is little lighting in the environment.

Another optional process to activate this mode

Another simple way to put the photos application in dark mode is to go to the “Settings” and select the “Personalization” option . There, you will find an option called “Colors”. Right in the middle of the window you will see the section “Choose the default application mode”. Then, you must choose the color that in this case will be “Dark”.

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