How to put or show desktop icons in Windows 10

Learn how to put or show desktop icons in Windows 10

One of the most used operating systems in computers is the one developed by Microsoft: Windows. Today, Windows 10, known for short as W10, is the last operating system developed by Microsoft, released to the public in 2015.

If you have this operating system and want to show desktop icons in Windows 10, don’t worry, here we will tell you how to do it quickly and easily. In addition, you can complement what we will show you below by changing the Windows 10 desktop, file and folder icons to further improve the appearance of the system.

Windows 10 icons

How to put desktop icons on W10?

  1. First of all, it is necessary that you locate yourself at the desktop of your computer. So if you have windows open, minimize them all until you are on the desktop. If the Windows 10 desktop doesn’t appear , you may have accidentally turned on tablet mode or full screen mode on your computer (keep that in mind).
  2. The next thing will be to press the right click of the mouse or mouse to display a small menu with multiple options. Among the options we will see ‘View’, ‘Sort by’, ‘Update’, among others. The option that we will have to select is at the end, which would be the option ‘ Customize ‘.
  3. By selecting the aforementioned option, a window will open where we can customize our computer in various ways, from changing the wallpaper to changing fonts, colors and much more.
  4. To be able to put or show desktop icons in Windows 10 we will have to go to the ‘Themes’ option.
  5. Once we have selected it, we will be able to see more configuration options, among them ‘Theme configuration’ and other related configurations, such as configuring the sound in a more advanced way or configuring the mouse pointer , designed for customization.
  6. To show the desktop icons we will select the option ‘ Desktop icon configuration ‘.
  7. When you click on the aforementioned option, a small window will open with a few options and boxes to check or uncheck.
  8. We will have five boxes among which we can choose what we want to be displayed on our desktop, be it the recycle bin, user files, among others.

Desktop icons in Windows 10

Select desktop icons and change icons

When you have the ‘Desktop Icon Settings’ window open, you can check the boxes you want for the icons to be displayed on your desktop. To see the changes, click on ‘Apply’ and check the desktop; If you don’t like the change, uncheck the box and again select ‘Apply’ and click on ‘OK’.

In the ‘Desktop Icon Settings’ window we will also have the opportunity to change the appearance of the icons. For this you just have to select the icon you want to change the appearance of and click on ‘ Change icon … ‘. You will have the opportunity to select from the many icon designs that Windows 10 offers its users.

In case you want a more personalized icon design, you can download some on the internet; To do this, click on ‘Browse’ and look for the file of the desired icon. If the changes do not convince you and you want to revert them, click on ‘ Restore defaults ‘ and that’s it.

As you can see, putting or showing desktop icons in Windows 10 is very easy and fast; You just have to follow in detail each of the steps that we have explained to you previously. By displaying the icons on your desktop, you will have quick access to the control panel, user files and even network options and much more.

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