How to put and set my photos in Windows 10 screensaver?

Windows has several elements for customization to suit the user. The screen saver, for example, is a property that allows images to be displayed when the computer is suspended or hibernated. If you wonder  how to put and configure my photos in the Windows 10 screensaver? This article is for you.

I note that the following tutorial is for the screen saver, you can also change the Windows wallpaper using Regedit or the conventional way. Without further ado let’s continue.

How to put and set my photos in Windows 10 screensaver?

Previously, the screen saver allowed to preserve the quality of the graphical interface of the system. Over the years and after the technological evolution of monitors, the screen protector was no longer indispensable. However, Windows keeps adding it in its versions as an optional property.

Next, we explain what a screen saver consists of and how to configure the screen saver in Windows 10 .

Computer wallpaper and protector

What is the Windows screen saver?

The screen saver was created as software to maintain image quality on cathode ray tube monitors that could not be turned off through the operating system. It is also used to save energy when the equipment is not in use.

Today’s modern monitors do not require this type of protection to ensure device quality. However, the Windows 10 operating system has this tool so that the user can observe different images when the computer is locked.

What is the Windows screen saver for?

The Windows screen saver is used to personalize the system desktop with one or more user-selectable images. Also, this property is configured for the purpose of conserving power when the computer is temporarily idle.

On the other hand, keep in mind that you can also extend the customization by changing the theme and desktop background of the PC , but the screen saver serves another purpose.

Where is the Windows 10 screen saver configured?

To configure the Windows 10 screen saver, you must go to the system desktop and press right click. There you will find a series of options from which you will select “Customize”.

The system settings panel will then open. You must choose the “Lock screen” section located on the left side of the panel. In this way, you can enter the screen saver settings in Windows 10.

Desktop computer

Procedure to put and place photos in Windows 10 screensaver

Once you access the screen saver settings, you will see the option “None”. This means that there is no screen saver activated. Windows 10 offers six options from which you must choose “Photos.”

Immediately, you will be able to see the elements available in the Images directory that your computer saves. This function will allow you to select photos from the “Pictures” folder in order to customize the screensaver.

Customizing the screen saver

At the bottom of the interface, you will find the time interval you should wait for the screen saver to activate. Then you can choose the “preview” option to see your new protector. Press the “Settings” button.

Later, you will see the origin of the images to define their execution speed. It is time to add the photos. To do this, click on the “Browse” button and select the folder that contains the images. Then, click on “OK” and finally on the “Save” button .

An additional option

You can set your photos to appear randomly by checking the “Show images in random order” box just before clicking the “Save” button . As a result, you will be able to display a more dynamic screensaver.

Without a doubt, screen protectors are an extra option with which we can personalize our computers in a very simple and efficient way.

Although the previous tutorial is designed specifically for Windows, we also have a similar option when putting the clock on the iPhone or Android lock screen , fulfilling the function of the screen saver.

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