How to prevent Windows 10 from installing apps from the store without permission

Along with the innovations of Windows 10, users have reported the appearance of applications almost imperceptibly on the system. Most of the apps are games and come from the Microsoft store. With a little configuration you can prevent Windows from doing this type of installation without your permission.

For the year 2015 Microsoft signed a contract with the King company, known for games like Candy Crush Saga to add the games to its store. After this event, other companies such as Minecraft and Adobe joined this initiative.

Many of these applications “magically” appear in the Windows start menu without prior authorization from the computer user. This action may seem a bit invasive and generates mistrust among users who think that Microsoft has the power to install any type of application within the system .

How to prevent Windows 10 from installing apps from the store without permission

The first thing you should do is check for installations made from the Microsoft Store. Enter the store from the icon on the taskbar or from the Windows Start menu.

  • Access the Windows Store menu and select the Downloads and updates option .
  • Disable Show Suggestions Occasionally on Startup. This does not show the Suggestions for Apps available in the store on Windows Start.

Windows 10 install apps from the store

  • Now enter Windows Settings from the Start menu on the gear icon or with the Start + I key combination.
  • Select the Personalization / Start option and turn off the option Show suggestions occasionally on Start.
  • To prevent automatic updates to the Windows Store, go to the store settings and disable the option.
  • After this, the system should no longer show you a suggestion of applications or apps you install in the start menu without your authorization.

Block application update with Regedit

By entering the Windows registry you can block the update of various applications. Enter the registry editor by typing regedit in the Start menu or with the Windows + R key combination and then typing regedit.

  • Go to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ WindowsStore. If you have Windows 10 enter the path in the address bar.
  • Create a new value by right clicking in the right pane and selecting the New / DWORD value (32 Bits) option with the name AutoDownload.
  • Enter AutoDownload and select the value 2 to disable automatic updates from the store.
  • Finally restart the system.

Meet the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store began to be implemented from the version of Windows 8. At the beginning it was created with the aim of being compatible with Windows Phone, the operating system that was intended to compete with Android and iOS.

MIcrosoft Store

It was not very successful in its foray, so it was not very popular among Windows users who preferred to bet on the benefits offered by Play Store and App Store.

For the launch of Windows 10, the store was completely renewed offering its users more customization and configuration options. It no longer only focused on app downloads, but music, TV series and movies were also available.

All devices that have Windows 10 can access the store and all devices that you have associated with the same Microsoft account can access the same resources.

The store is also associated with the Xbox Live, OneDrive, and Groove Music services. Regarding the available payment options, you can choose between credit card, Sepa, Paypal and gift cards.

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