How to organize images and photos in Windows by size? – Fast and easy

The computer is a practical tool for managing files. When we have many images and we want to organize them according to a specific parameter, the process can be long if we do not know a procedure that automates this action. For this reason, it is worth asking how to organize images and photos in Windows by size?

How to organize images and photos in Windows by size? – Fast and easy

Windows 10 allows the management of images through the application “Photos” which facilitates the process of viewing and organizing these files. However, you can use additional applications to extend the functionalities of your equipment.

Here we present relevant information about the organization of images in Windows 10 and the alternatives to be able to manage your image files from this operating system.

Organize images and photos in Windows by size

There are a considerable number of tools that allow you to change and organize images according to specific attributes such as “size.” If you want to organize your images in Windows by size, we recommend using one of the tools mentioned below.

Editing from Windows 10 Explorer

Although there are better alternatives to Windows Explorer , this is still the easiest and fastest way to organize your images and photos to manage folders. In this sense, if you want to organize your images you have two alternatives: “Sorting” and “Grouping”.

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Sort images and photos by size

To apply the “order” you must open the folder that contains the images and photos that you are going to organize. Then, in an empty space of the window, press the secondary button of the mouse and choose “Sort by”. Immediately click on “Size” so that the window displays the images sorted according to their size. Make sure to remove empty folders to preserve order on your system.

Group images and photos by size

To apply the “grouping” of images, access the folder that contains your files and press the right mouse button to display “Group by”. Place the cursor on this option and select “Size.” The system will show you the images organized by “large”, “medium” and “small” files.

Use an additional application for image organization

There is a wide variety of easy-to-use and very useful applications for managing images and photos from Windows 10. If you want to add more editing functions to organize your files, then we recommend that you review the following tools.

The “IrfanView” manager

“IrfanView” is an image manager that is used to view photographs and organize our collections if you prefer. This application is one of the most classic in its category and has an interface to show photos in slides. In addition, you can use EXIF data editing functions and add drawings to your own images.

It is important to note that this tool is attached to the Windows context menu so you can organize your photos and images by size from the same system explorer.

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The organizer “Imagine”

“Imagine” is a program that allows you to view photo albums and any type of image saved on your PC. It handles any image format and also facilitates file editing as well as its massive renaming to save time. With this application you can add image editing function to Windows explorer just like “IrfanView” does.

The “XnView MP” viewer

“XnView MP” is excellent for professionally organizing images in batches. Also, you can edit the files, change their size and resolution. You can even manage your images and photos by color, filter the image files according to your parameters, and tag your photos.

The “Nomacs” viewer

“Nomacs” is a tool for filtering images and applying retouching. In addition, it allows you to change the resolution, brightness, include mosaics and annotations on the photos. “Nomacs” has very useful editing controls so that you can successfully manage your files from your computer.

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