How to optimize and speed up Windows 10 startup

If you have been using Windows for a long time, you have surely had the problem that the system may get slow when starting. Next I will give you some recommendations to optimize the system and accelerate the startup of Windows 10.

Sometimes Windows 10 starts very slow, which is especially true if you have a slightly old PC. If you want to improve startup, you can always make some adjustments to optimize Windows 10 startup.

Speed ??up Windows 10 startup

1. Disable startup programs

Programs that start during system startup are often the main reason Windows 10 is very slow to start. Many programs are automatically added at system startup, causing unnecessary overhead.

To solve this, Windows 10 allows you to manage the programs that start automatically and disable those that you consider unnecessary.

  • Enter the Task Manager and go to the Startup tab .
  • Here you will see all the programs enabled to start with Windows and their respective Startup Impact rating .
  • Disable programs that you don’t need to start automatically by right-clicking and choosing the Disable option .

Deciding which programs to disable and which to leave active can be a bit difficult. But doing so will allow you to improve the startup of Windows 10, especially if you disable programs with high or medium impact.

2. Remove malware from your PC

If the system is infected with some type of malicious software, its performance could be seriously affected, not to mention the threat to your privacy and security.

While they are running in the background, without you being aware of it, malware can take up a fair share of system resources. For this reason, you must remove malware from your PC if you want Windows 10 to start up faster.

To do this you must use a good antivirus program and run a full system scan. The antivirus will automatically detect if you have any malware on your system and will remove it.

3. Adjust visual effects

Visual effects can have a major impact on overall system performance. If you want to speed up Windows 10 startup, one of the things you can do is adjust the visual effects.

You can disable superfluous features like animations and shadows like this:

# 1. Right-click on the Start button and then choose the System option from the menu that appears.

# 2. In the System window, click Advanced system settings on the left.

# 3. Now in the System Properties window  , go to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button  in the Performance section .

# 4. The Performance Options window will open . On the Visual Effects tab, check the Adjust option for best performance, and click Apply.

4. Enable Windows 10 Quick Start

You can speed up your PC’s startup easily by activating the Windows 10 Quick Start option :

  1. Go to Control Panel. You can type control panel in the Start menu search and choose it in the results.
  2. Now select Power Options and then Choose the behavior of the on / off buttons.
  3. Then check the option Enable fast startup (recommended). If it’s opaque, you must first click the Change settings currently unavailable link .

5. Defragment the hard drive

At the defragment the disk is likely to achieve an improvement in the overall performance of the system:

  • To do this you must open File Explorer (Windows + E).
  • Right click on the drive and select the Properties option .
  • Now go to the Tools tab and click the Optimize button .

As we see in the previous image, in my case there is no need to defragment the disk. You can still choose to analyze or optimize the drive.

6. Install Solid State Drive SSD

This is the last recommendation, but it may surely be the most important. If you really want to increase the performance and startup speed of Windows 10, then you should consider migrating to an SSD.

The order in the list is because it is not a simple system configuration change. Although they can be expensive, Solid State Drives (SSDs) offer far superior performance than conventional drives. The improvement in terms of reading and writing speed can be very important. If you invest in one, you can see a significant difference in the overall performance of your system.

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