How to open multiple apps from the Windows 10 start menu

Web applications have represented a very important part of today’s computers. So much so, that in the totality of the use that a user gives to their computer, 70 or 80% is related to applications, which makes us think that computers are useless without them. This way you can download and install apps from the store on Windows 10 without an account.

Therefore, operating systems are always improving their code so that more and more programs can download and install on the computer without any problems. As is the case with Windows 10 and its great work in relation to the execution of these programs.

Undoubtedly, this operating system frequently launches new updates, tools and options that guarantee a better service. In this way, users can access and get new applications. But the best thing is that Windows 10 currently allows you to open several Apps in the start menu. If you want to prevent Windows 10 from installing store applications without permission, here we show you how to do it.

What is Windows 10?

Windows 10 screen

Windows 10 is the latest installment of Microsoft’s operating system. Which from the beginning, has been the operating system par excellence; since it allowed us to make the jump from systems where only data and numbers were entered, to systems where the user appreciated a more visual interface.

It is very similar in its visual environment with the previous title, and is that many users consider it the direct improvement of Windows 8. Because in the previous system there were a huge amount of problems that made the program a little inefficient, a general problem that was corrected for the latest installment.

What is an Operative System?

An operating system is, in general terms, what allows a computer or equipment to have functionality with respect to the computer and digital part. Basically if we erase or destroy the operating system of any computer, it will not be able to perform any function or activity.

There is a wide variety of operating systems, there are for stereos, MP3 players, video game consoles, personal computers, smart devices such as Smartphones and many others.

This term is so important that most schools around the globe teach the definition and characteristics of it in the discipline of computing. Thus achieving that ignorance about him decreases more and more.

What is the Windows 10 start menu?

The Windows 10 start menu is the section where we can find most of the routes and applications of the operating system. It is basically the search engine inside the computer, although this menu has changed in an incredible way compared to the first Windows. There is a way for you to view or copy the full path of a folder and file in Windows 10

In early operating systems, the menu only had two columns where the most basic programs were displayed. If the user wanted to find an application that was not there, they had to do a much deeper and in some cases complex search.

While in the new menu, the search is friendlier with respect to the interface and its visibility, since it is not really a navigation with boxes where the names of the programs appear, but rather they show images that greatly differentiate the programs. each.

How to open multiple apps from Windows 10 start menu?

Windows 10 Start Menu Apps

Several users who are new to the operating system tend to get confused when they are going to open various applications that are located in the start menu. This is because there are still some who are used to viewing Windows 7 or earlier.

Although the truth is that the process is not that difficult, we only have to press the start button that is located on the keyboard, and then we write the name of the program that we are going to open. We can also open it from the main screen, but this case is complicated when the program is full screen.

Therefore, you can always open other applications through search with the home button. Although this may not be beneficial, since in some cases opening many applications can saturate the processor, causing the computer to have a high probability of running slow. If you want you can also

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