How to modify or edit Regedit registries Offline in Windows 10?

The Windows 10 registry is a very important element for configuration and operation. It is not convenient to modify the registers without having knowledge on the matter because it can generate a malfunction in the system and even damage them completely. That’s why you know how to edit Regedit registries offline in Windows 10 safely.

It is essential not to make any changes to any value if you are not sure what it will generate, since it can even cause a change in the work of computer components and damage them.

However, it is not difficult to edit the Regedit Offline registries in Windows 10, with caution, knowledge and carefully it is possible to solve some errors or change elements of the system operation in an optimal way.

Precautions for Editing Regedit Records Offline in Windows 10

As mentioned above it is important not to make any modifications to the Windows 10 registry without having the knowledge. If any type of modification is to be made within the registry, it is important to make a complete backup. This will allow to revert all the changes made if there is the case that the modifications do not work or an error has been generated (it does not matter if what you are trying to do is as simple as changing the desktop wallpaper with regedit ).

To do this, you must first open the registry editor window. This is done by pressing the “Windows ” and “R ” keys at the same time. Then in the “Run ” window that will appear, write “Regedit ” and select “OK.” This will take you to the registry editor.

In the editor window you must click on the “File ” option and then the “Export ” option . Next, it is necessary to select a location and after that press “Save ” in the same window.

windows 10 interface


Steps to edit Regedit registries Offline in Windows 10

To modify the operating system registers it is necessary to open the registry editor explained above. If you have Cortana, you can write “Regedit ” directly in it and run it (you can find how to activate Cortana in Windows 10 in Windows support ).

Registry editor elements

In the editor window you will see different elements. The ones that have a folder icon and are on the left side of the interface are the registry keys, clicking on one of those keys will change the content that will be displayed on the right side of the interface. The right box will show the registry values ​​that each registry key contains. The values ​​present the characteristics of name, type and data.

Modify a value

To modify or edit a registry value that is already created, it must first be located through the registry keys directory . By clicking on the arrows next to it to display your internal keys.

It should be noted that it is not the same to click on the key as on the arrow that precedes it, because the first one shows the values ​​it contains and the second the other keys that are inside it, if it has them. Once you have found the value you want to change, you must right-click on the item and then select “Modify ” (if you feel insecure in this step, look for how to obtain permissions to modify the registry keys on the Internet).

In the next window, the option to modify the name, the information and if its base is hexadecimal or decimal will appear. After the changes are made, select “Accept ” to confirm them.

windows 10 logs


To see the changes made in the registry it is necessary to restart the computer, because these are not applied immediately.

Create a new value

If you want to enter a registry value, you must right click on the empty part of the right box and select “New ” and after that define what type of value you want to create. Then enter the data and press “OK “, it is also necessary to restart the computer to complete the changes.

Now that you have completed the process and you know how everything works, you can proceed to find more information on the subject in order to experiment with this function of the Windows system. To begin, it is recommended that you look for how to change or modify an administrator password in Regedit? , or how to enable or disable fast startup of Windows 10 with Regedit?

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