How to know what version of Windows I have installed on my PC

If you want to know the version of Windows installed on your computer, the answer seems very obvious in most cases, but it is not always the case. In this post I will show you the different ways it uses to find out what version of Windows I have on my PC.

Many users could get confused between one version and another of the Microsoft operating system, which is understandable. The different versions of Windows look alike in terms of graphics and operation, but it should be relatively easy to tell them apart. Each version of Windows has different editions. For this reason, the number of versions to identify can be very large.

How to know what Windows I have

Below I will introduce you to the different ways you can see the version of Windows 10 and others installed on your computer.

#1. Windows Explorer Properties

In File Explorer Properties it has been the classic way for a long time. You just have to right-click on This computer / My Computer on the Desktop or in the Start menu and choose the Properties option .

Here you will be presented with details such as the version and edition of Windows you are using, the product ID. You will also get other data, such as the amount of RAM installed, how many bits is the PC, etc.

#2. Settings app

In the case of Windows 10 specifically, there is a new way to view the details of your system. You must open the Settings application (Windows + i) and go to the System group . Scroll to the bottom of the left column and click About.

At the bottom of the About page you will see the Windows Specifications section . Here you will get the system edition and version, as well as the build number and installation date.

You can also enter the About page by searching for it directly in the Windows 10 Start menu, as shown in this image.

#3. System information

Many times we do not have it pending, but Windows comes with a built-in application called System Information, which provides a large amount of information from your PC. You can search for ” system information ” in the start menu or using search.

Through this utility you will not only be able to know what your OS version is, but you can also obtain a lot of detailed information about the hardware and software on your computer.

#4. Symbol of the system

Using a command in the Command Prompt you can also get the details of your operating system. Open Command Prompt, type winver command, and hit Enter.

The About Windows window will appear , showing you the version, edition and build number of the system. However, this form does not provide much additional information.

#5. Winver command

You can type the winver command directly in the Start menu search or using the Run box (Windows + r).

This will give you the same result as doing it in the Command Prompt, but easier.

How many bits does your PC have?

Finding if your PC’s processor is 64-bit or 32-bit is very easy. Although today it is relatively rare to find a computer that does not run with a 64-bit processor, unless it is somewhat old.

You can get this information in the File Explorer Properties method, and on the About page in the Settings app . These are the first two methods discussed above.

What version of Windows do I have

As has been verified in this post, it is very easy to know the version of the operating system installed on your PC or laptop. Each method explained here will give you the information you are looking for, as well as other additional, no less important information. I hope this guide has been useful to you.

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