How to install MTK65xx Preloader usb vcom port driver in Windows 10, 8 and 7

With the following guide you will learn how to install the MTK65xx Preloader usb vcom port driver in Windows 10, 8 and 7, one of the many methods to install the drivers for an Android tablet or cell phone on a PC . It is certainly a very simple process, but it usually generates doubts in Android mobile users.

Most modern mobile phones do not usually require the installation of these drivers, but if you have an older Android, you will very likely benefit from installing these drivers.

Install MTK65xx Preloader usb vcom port driver automatically

The first thing is to try to install the driver in the usual way, that is, by running the typical .exe file. Clearly this will depend on the distribution of the driver you have, because depending on the device there may be differences.

In any case, if you do not have the MTK65xx driver, you can download its generic version directly from the following link: download MTK65xx driver.

Once you have successfully downloaded the driver, the first thing to do is unzip the file using any of the best programs to open ZIP compressed files . After the above, you just have to run the installation program. To do this, double click on InstallDriver.exe.

install mtk65xx android

After doing the above, the installation process will begin, when the message “Install USB Driver for Microsoft Professional Successfully” appears, the process will have been completed successfully.

How to install MTK65xx Preloader usb vcom port driver in Windows 10, 8 and 7

The installation of the MTK65xx driver is usually necessary to achieve actions such as viewing the screen of an Android cell phone on the PC with a USB cable , but it is common that there are failures with the installation of the drivers automatically. Therefore, in the event that the method shown above does not work, you can do it manually by following the steps that we will show below.

It will be necessary to go to the Windows device manager, to do this go to Windows start and type “Device Manager”. Once the program appears, click on it, all the devices installed on the computer will be displayed.

It is important that you click on the name of your computer that appears at the top (DESKTOP). After doing this, go to the “Action” section located at the top of the administrator. There select the option “Add legacy hardware.

Installing manually

Click a “Next” option and choose the option “Install manually selected hardware from a list (advanced)”. Click on the “next” option again. In the lower right part of the dialog window you will see the option “Have disk”, click on it.

android devices

A new dialog window called “Install from disk” will appear, here just select the “Browse” option. The name of the folder will depend on the distribution you have of the driver, in any case, you must make sure to select the correct version.

Given this, try to choose the appropriate driver for your system, so you should know if your operating system is 32 or 64 bits , as long as this is specified. Moreover, you should also choose the appropriate one for your version of Windows.

Just go to the folder where you downloaded the driver, and select it. After this, the program will automatically select the INF file, click on “Open”. To finish this process, click “OK”.

Now you just have to select the MTK USB Port option and click on “Next”. Please wait until the installation is finished. In the event of a problem, you may need to start safe mode in Windows 10 and try to reinstall the software.

If for any reason you need to install in safe mode, don’t worry, the process is the same as we showed before, so you can revisit the previous steps.

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