How to hide files and folders from search box results in Windows 10

The files and folders found in the Windows 10 search box belong to the computer’s hard drive. All this makes it easier to access folders and to have documents faster.

Sometimes you get documents in search results that you don’t want to have in the box. This can be modified and even access to certain folders or files be removed.

Given by privacy interests or require other folders in the search, there are different ways to do it. Windows 10 allows this alternative, so you can use whichever you like best.

Most common alternatives to modify the Windows 10 search box

Enter indexing options

It is a way that helps remove files from indexing or modify some that are there. Entering this option you proceed to indicate what you do not want to be indexed, doing it in the following way:

  1. The Windows 10 search or search box opens on the taskbar. There you enterIndexing Options “, clicking on the result that appears on the screen.
  2. When pressing “Advanced options “, a new window will open in which “File types ” will be pressed . You will get a list of the types of files that are in the computer searches.
  3. The list will look for the types of files that you do not want to have, marking the corresponding boxes. Click on “OK ” and a window will pop up asking if you want the changes in Windows 10.
  4. There you will click “OK ” again, noting that the files no longer appear in the search results. In case the changes are not set, it may be necessary to restart the computer to finish the 10 colors

Go to the properties of the file or folder

By changing the option toHidden ” from the properties window, it can also be used as a method to change the search. With this it is achieved that you do not leave the files or hidden folders in the Windows 10 search.

All this will be possible if they are in folders indexed throughout the search system. You must go to said folder or file and press the right button on the element, entering its “Properties”.

In the pop-up window, check the “Hidden” box and then click “OK”, culminating in the process. The item will not be visible by the browser or by the results in the search box in Windows 10.

Important considerations when modifying the search engine

Rebuilding the index is important when deleting files or folders in the search box. If all the files are removed, some new files must be put in and a new index built.

It is recommended that the new folders or files be some that are used frequently on the computer. It makes them useful and it is not necessary to change the index too often.

search windows 10 magnifying glass

This can be done from the indexing options , so different elements can be chosen. With Windows 10 it is necessary to access the “Advanced” option, having the administrative rights to do so.

If a password is requested, it must be entered and index rebuilding is done easily. A window warns that the process may take a while, so click on “Okay”.

Thus, the process of creating the new search index with the dimensions and new relevant computer sites will have been completed.

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