How to hibernate the tabs I don’t use in Firefox and Chrome in Windows 10

Surely you are a regular search engine for pages on the internet and you love browsing looking for news, information related to the technological world or visiting different social networks. And you wonder why, of so many new terms that appear every day. But surely you have not heard of this, hibernate mode and if you have, you do not know what it refers to. That is why here we will explain how to hibernate the tabs that I do not use in Firefox and Chrome in Windows 10.

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We should all know, since many complaints have been made regarding this, that the current browsers or at least the most used ones are Google and Firefox. They make a high consumption of resources from our computers and even more so when we install add-ons or extensions. But this is more visible, when we have many tabs open at the same time.

We need our computers to perform optimally when we are surfing the net and avoid wasting a lot of time waiting for pages to load. As we know that browsers have functions for everything, such as to prevent me from saving my autocomplete data , here we bring you a new one and we will show you how to use it.

How to hibernate the tabs I don’t use in Firefox and Chrome in Windows 10

Is that the method that these browsers have devised, will allow you to use a function that was available in Windows forever and is none other than hibernation. In this way, we avoid closing the tabs that we need to have open. And they are placed in a state of rest without consuming the resources of the PC and avoiding slowness in the tabs that we are using.

The really important thing about this function is that it will allow us to open a number of tabs open in the browser, put them to hibernate and use them when necessary. So in this way the resources will be focused on the page we are using. It is also important to know that this function is available in both Firefox and Google and we will show you how to activate it.

In order to perform tab hibernation, we are going to use an extension and in the case of Mozilla Firefox it is called Sleep Mode. It is practically new and greatly reduces the use of RAM . When you have installed it in your browser, it will be displayed as an icon in the toolbar.

Then to use this extension it will be very easy, you just have to select the page you want to hibernate and then click on the icon. And we want to unblock these pages, we click on the icon again. We can also customize the pages that will go into hibernation, or you can even set time limits to come out of hibernation.

How to hibernate the tabs that I don’t use in Chrome in Windows 10

Now it is the turn to activate the hibernate function in the Google Chrome browser and in the same way we are going to make use of an extraordinary extension and this is called The Gread Suspender. This, in the same way as the Firefox extension does, will help you to greatly reduce the memory consumption of the tabs that are open.

Unlike the Sleep Mode extension , this one can be customized a bit more and offers different functions for it. And thus optimize the use made of the tabs that are open, such as those that are in hibernation. Its download and installation is done through the Chrome web store.

Once you have the add-on installed, an icon will be hosted on the browser toolbar. You must click to activate this function and have access to the Settings section , here you will get the options to make the adjustments. Among them include or exclude tabs, hibernate time or the extension to appear in the context menu.

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As you can see, they are really very practical functions and if we are in the habit of having many tabs open, this option will work like a glove. It is very easy to have these extensions and through this article you have learned how to hibernate the tabs that I don’t use in Firefox and Chrome in Windows 10.

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