How to Free and Optimize RAM in Windows 10

Although there are many hardware and software factors that influence computer speed, RAM is one of the most important physical components. It is a random access memory that we can compare to a workbench, the bigger it is, the more things we can put on it.

When you have an insufficient amount of RAM, problems occur because the various applications of the system cannot be executed well, since the data necessary for their correct operation cannot be stored in its entirety in the RAM. (The work table is not big enough).

Previous considerations to free and optimize RAM memory in Windows 10

When we have problems due to lack of RAM memory, the solution is to install or change RAM memory modules on your PC to increase the installed capacity.

However, as this option involves spending money, a cheaper option is to recover or free RAM memory while using the PC . We show you some techniques to free up or optimize your RAM, especially if you use Windows 10.

Options can be classified into two areas : first , by using programs that can be installed on the computer to free up or optimize memory, and second , by configuring the machine (without specialized software) to optimize processes.

Steps to free up and optimize RAM in Windows 10 with programs

Here are some options to free up and optimize RAM by using specialized programs or software for that.

First option: Using the RAMMAP program for Windows 10

RAMMAP is a free Windows tool that allows you to improve the performance of RAM memory that allows you to manage memory use for each application individually, it does not need to be installed and it provides detailed information. It is very intuitive and easy to use. Just follow the steps of the internal help of the program and improve the speed of your PC.

RamMap usage example

Second option: Using the RAMRush program for Windows 10

The RAMRush application is a very easy-to-use tool. Its function is to optimize memory use by freeing up RAM, making the computer work faster. To use it you do not need complex knowledge.

With it you can recover the memory of Windows 10 programs, perform a defragmentation of the physical RAM of the system and improve system performance.

Third option: Using the Razer Cortex program for Windows 10

The Razer Cortex program is designed to increase the performance of a computer oriented to the use of video games. With it, you will be able to free up RAM memory and eliminate or stop unnecessary system processes, to optimize the speed of the computer to play on the machine.

Example of using Razor CortexSteps to free up and optimize RAM in Windows 10 manually

It is possible to free up or optimize the RAM in Windows 10 using the system’s own options, that is, without the use of additional programs.

First option: Disable the start of programs

Startup programs are those that are executed when the computer starts up, so they use a part  of the PC’s RAM memory whenever it is turned on. To disable them, go to the task manager (pressing the control, alt and delete keys). That is why you should know how much RAM memory the PC has in Windows.

Then go to the start tab and then click on each program with the right mouse button to disable it.

Second option: Force close programs

Applications running in the background  consume RAM memory resources, closing them will improve the speed of the machine. To force close applications go to the task manager (by pressing the control, alt and delete keys).

Then go to the processes tab and then click on each program to finish with the right button of the mouse. Then the option to finish task is selected .

Example of using the Task ManagerThere are other feasible alternatives to use such as: Defragmenting the memory or adjusting the virtual memory of the system. If you apply some of the available options, then you already know how to free up and optimize RAM in Windows 10.

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