How To Fix ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ Error When Starting Windows PC – Easy And Fast

Through the following guide we will teach you how to fix the error ‘verifying Dmi Pool Data’ when starting Windows PC – Easy and fast. A complex problem that prevents Windows from starting.

What is the ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ error?

Windows is an exceptional operating system, however, it is not exempt from errors, some being more severe than others. From blue screens, to problems that do not allow the system to start, such as the ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ error, errors are common in Windows.

The ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ error is specifically related to Windows startup and appears when the operating system files are not located. Clearly this can have various causes from a failure in storage, to file corruption. We will deal with all this below, and we will also point out the possible solutions to this error

How To Fix ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ Error When Starting Windows PC – Easy And Fast

There are several causes for the ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ error, so below we will point out some of the reasons for the problem and their possible solutions.

Hard drive failure

One possible cause for the ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ error is that the hard drive is no longer working properly. We cite this as a possibility, as this error refers to the Windows startup files cannot be found.

blue screen windows

In many cases, a detection or operation problem on the hard disk can cause the problem. Given this, we recommend you insert the hard drive into another computer and check if the files can be seen. If it works properly, then the problem may be improper BIOS settings.

In most cases it is not a total solution, but you can read our guide to repair a damaged hard drive at risk that Windows does not recognize . This can undoubtedly help you solve the ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ error .

In turn, we recommend learning how to configure the computer’s BIOS to improve Windows startup . Something that can be useful for the problem we are dealing with today. Nor would it hurt to set the default BIOS settings and realize that the hard drive is selected as a boot item.

Repair the operating system

Depending on the version of Windows you have, this process may vary, however, we will focus on the most current version of the operating system. In this case, it will be necessary to activate WinRE, the Windows 10 recovery environment , for which you can read the previous guide.

Once you have booted with the Windows recovery options, you will need to launch the ‘Command Prompt’. When this appears, all you have to do is type the following ‘BOOTREC.EXE / FIXBOOT’ and press the ‘Enter’ key.

computer error verifying dmi pool data

Wait until the procedure is finished, close all the windows and proceed to restart the computer. In the event that everything has gone correctly, the computer should work correctly and the error ‘Verifying Dmi Pool Data’ would be eradicated.

Corrupt files in Windows

On many occasions for different reasons, be it due to viruses, general failures or incorrect use by the user, the operating system can become corrupted or damaged. Given this, it is very common for the error “’Verifying Dmi Pool Data” to appear, which indicates that Windows files cannot be accessed. Regardless of the reason why this occurs, you need to take certain measures.

Understanding the nature of this error, it is often necessary to reinstall the operating system. Given this, it is essential to back-up the information, backing it up in a safe place. Therefore, you will need to insert the hard drive into another computer.

After backing up the important information on your hard drive, you can proceed with the process to install Windows 10 from scratch . This is definitely recommended if you have suffered a crash or corruption with your Windows files.

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