How to fix update error 0x800f0923 in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a very complete and useful operating system, which has caused thousands and thousands of people to choose it as the perfect operating system for their PC. Of course, like anything in this world, Windows is not perfect, sometimes it will present certain flaws, especially when performing updates on PC .

If in your case, you have a serious problem with the error 0x800f0923, don’t worry, because today we will explain  how to fix the update error 0x800f0923 in Windows 10.

What is update error 0x800f0923 and what causes it

The update error 0x800f0923 is a very serious error that prevents the user from updating their PC successfully, which can cause a severe problem for the user, due to the relevance of the updates.

This error usually occurs when users try to update their computers to the version of Windows 10 April 2018, which brings new modern functions and various beneficial aspects.

The update error 0x800f0923 is generally said to be caused by a variety of things, including outdated programs, drivers , hardware problems, or security software.

Also the problem can come from the graphics driver that is old, or that an application or a driver is totally incompatible with the Windows 10 update, causing the error 0x800f0923.

How to fix update error 0x800f0923 in Windows 10

There is more than one way to try to repair update errors , in this case, error 0x800f0923, some methods are very complex if we know little about computer science.

blue screen problem error loading windows

So to make it easier for you, here are the easiest ways to fix this error in Windows 10:

Updating the drivers

As we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for the update error 0x800f0923 is driver problems, so it is best to update them.

  • To update the drivers, you must do it from the Device Manager; It should be noted that the drivers to update will be the network, hard disk and graphics drivers. Now, to locate the “Device Manager”, you must press the Windows + X keys simultaneously. When a quick access opens, you must select in Device Manager.
  • When the Administrator opens, you will see the list of sections for each controller, located in categories or sections. Graphics drivers are found in the Display Adapters category, network drivers under Network adapters, and hard drives under Disk drives. To select a controller, click on one of the sections and the list of controllers will be displayed,
  • Then you right-click on the driver and click on the option “Update driver”, then a window will open with two options: Search for automatically updated driver software or Search for driver software on the computer.
  • You must select the option that the search is carried out automatically and then the preferred driver will begin to update or you will get a message advising you that said driver is already updated. This process of selecting, right-clicking and selecting the options to update must be done individually with each driver, after this, the problem of error 0x800f0923 will be solved.

Use Troubleshoot

Windows Troubleshooter is a very comprehensive tool capable of fixing problems like update error 0x800f0923 or any other error, so let’s see how to run it.

To open the Troubleshooter, you must first go to the start menu within your PC and then go to the Settings option. After you do this, you will see a window with several of the sections related to the configuration of your PC, but you must click on the “Configuration and security” section.

look apps windows 10 pc

Now a new window will open with various sections, in your case, you must click on Troubleshooter and then click on the Windows Update option so that the “Run the troubleshooter” button will appear .

Click on this and you will see a window appear where the analysis will start to look for update problems on your PC, including the error 0x800f0923, and solve them at the moment.

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