How to fix ‘Unable to request due to I / O device error’ error in Windows

It has happened to many of us that we are on the PC and the I / O device error appears. Although it sounds strange, it is a fairly common error and it is not the end of the life of our computer.

Nobody likes to receive an error message from the I / O device when it comes to our computer or commonly used device since all of our files are on it.

That our computer has an I / O device error does not mean that our removable hard drives have been ruined or rendered useless, so it does not mean that all the files that were on them have been lost.

What is it and how to identify the error of the I / O device? “

Before solving the problem, it is important to know that the I / O device error occurs when the Windows operating system detects a hard disk error when transferring or sharing files .

The I / O device error sounds quite strange, this is because it is short for “input and output ” so the operating system cannot perform an input and output action of data from a drive.

In other words, the I / O device error means that a Windows storage error occurred and it does not receive a copy to store or read its files.

In order to carry out any action to correct the error of the I / O device, it is important to be sure that it is this error that appears on our computer.

disk with device error in windows

It is possible to confirm that it is this error when in Windows we see message windows such as “The request cannot be made due to an error in the I / O device”.

How to fix the I / O device error?

The I / O device error is quite annoying and more common than you might think, so there are several methods  to fix it, all of which are fairly straightforward.

Method 1: It consists of verifying the USB connections . The hardware problem may be the USB connection of the computer, for example we can test the external hd cable in the different ports of the PC. If the error persists, we can look for another computer such as a laptop or another CPU to try to connect the cable and verify if the problem comes from their connection.

Method 2: Update the drivers. We can try to update or install the drivers again since the error of the I / O device can be caused because the Window version needs to be updated.

To verify this we enter the administrator device, then we will click on the drive, will press accept to expand and thus find the driver that has the problem, once detected we just update it .

Method 3: If the error persists, we can finally try to solve it through the command prompt and the “cheak disk ” command . In the search bar of the computer we will write “cmd”, we will click on run as administrator.

On the screen that will appear we will place “chkdsk (the letter attributed to our hard drive):  / f / r / x “, we press enter and Windows will start an analysis and repair of the disk, with this the error of the I / O device will be solved .

How to recover my files

If in the middle of the process to solve the error of the I / O device, an important file has been deleted or simply no longer appears on our computer, there is a fairly simple way to recover it.

fix windows device error problem with commands

There are numerous programs that are intended to help us recover files that we have lost due to errors in our hard drive, such as the error of the I / O device.

Recorveryit recovery is a professional program that we can download from Google, with which we can data quickly, easily and completely safely. The program is quite intuitive and easy to use.

Once we have downloaded it, we just have to click on it and then on the device that contained the file we want to recover. Just by clicking on “start” the recovery process will begin, which is achieved through a scan through which we can see and classify the recovered files.

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