How to fix the monitor signal out of range problem in Windows

This error appears when we have replaced an old monitor, which transmitted at a different refresh rate than the one the new monitor works. This refresh rate is nothing more than the number of times an image is displayed in one second. It also happens that to avoid damage when the saved speed is different from that required by the new monitor.

In this case, we are going to tell you what you should do to solve this problem that does not generate major complications. Although it may seem a bit technical, it will not be as difficult as when you try to repair a PC that has problems with the video card .

How to fix monitor out of signal, out of range problem in Windows

There are also other possible causes of this out of range error and that is that you have switched to a new video card and are still using the same old monitor. Since these cannot support resolutions that the new video cards can.

monitor out of range windows

Another possible cause of this problem has to do with incompatible drivers . It can also happen that the value in which the resolution is set cannot be displayed by the monitor.

For this reason it is important that you install monitors and video cards that can support high resolutions. For example, if we are using Windows 8 or 10, it is recommended that the monitors work with minimum resolutions of 1024 x 768. As you can understand, older monitors cannot support these high characteristics.

Steps to fix monitor out of signal, out of range problem in Windows

To correct this problem, many times you just have to change the screen settings , if you are using a version of Windows lower than 10, you can do the following. Go to the desktop and in any unused area , right click, a contextual menu will appear and you will select Screen Settings or Screen Resolution.

This action will show you a window and it will show you the recommended resolution for the type of monitor you are using. If using the recommended resolution and the problem is not solved, you should try with a lower value.

On the other hand if you use Windows 10, go to the desktop and right click and select Display settings. While in the window you must look in the Display tab and then go to the Additional screen Settings option . Accept the permissions then click Apply and finally you must click the Save changes option.

It is possible that this out of range error occurs when you use an application or want to play video games. Then you must make changes in the configuration file, it is a text document that has an ini or tex extension or it does not have any. To find it go to the Documents tab of Windows Explorer.

Once you find it, open it with the notepad, to do this, select the file and right-click and select Open with. Now look for these parameters: DisplayWidth or NativeWidth: indicates the horizontal resolution and should be at 800 – DisplayHeight or NativeHeight – denotes the vertical resolution and should be at 600

monitor solution out of range

In other cases, the developers may have set a very high value for the screen resolution. So we need to reduce it, find the RefreshRate parameter and change the value to 50-60. The last thing you should do is Save the changes you have made to the file and run the application again.

In this way you will be able to solve this problem that was causing you headaches and in simple steps you have learned how to solve the problem of monitor out of signal out of range in Windows.

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