How To Fix Openal32.dll Error In Windows – Definitive Solution

In case you have problems with OpenAl software, don’t worry, through this guide we will teach you how to fix Openal32.dll error in Windows – Definitive solution.


OpenAl is an advanced audio API that began to be developed in 2000. Over time, many versions of the software have emerged and it is commonly required for many applications.

The software is present in a large number of operating systems, which include Mac os, Linux and of course Windows. Although with the passage of time its use has decreased, the truth is that having it installed is something important.

Certainly in the latest versions of the Windows operating system , the program is already installed by default. Even so, it is relatively common for problems related to such software to arise, such as the Openal32.dll error. Given this, we have prepared a guide in which we will show you the best methods to solve the problem.

How to fix Openal32.dll error in Windows 

The Openal32.dll error refers to the OpenAl API, so we could say that it is also considered an error of this software. OpenAl is necessary for many applications, for this reason missing the file can cause problems. In fact, it is common for this error to affect the execution of video games, since OpenAl is common in them.

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Openal32.dll is a library belonging to OpenAl and is considered essential for its operation. For this reason, the lack of said library means that the program simply cannot work, causing the error. Fortunately, the problem can be fixed relatively easily, for this reason we recommend that you read the proper methods to fix it.

Install OpenAl

Undoubtedly, the first thing that should be done is to install OpenAl, necessary in case you do not have the application. This is also usually the most recommended solution, and it is also very easy to carry out the procedure. Read on to learn how to download OpenAl on your computer.

To download OpenAl it will be necessary to go to the official website, which you can access through the following link to download OpenAl. Here you will find the different methods to download the OpenAl program. In any case, we recommend the Windows installer, for this click on “OpenAl Windows Installer”.

After clicking on the mentioned option, the download will begin, which should be very fast since the file is light. As you will see, the software is compressed in the ZIP format, so it will be necessary to use some of the best programs to open compressed ZIP files .

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Once you have the right program, just open the file and run the software inside it. It is possible that the system requires authorization, press “Yes”, when the installation appears, click “Ok”. When you do the above, “Instalation complete” will appear on the screen, indicating that OpenAl is already installed.

Use Ccleaner

Another way to solve the problem is by using cleaning tools, although we specifically recommend CCleaner. CCleaner is excellent software that can help us in a multitude of circumstances. In turn, configuring CCleaner in an advanced way often helps with a lot of computer problems.

In any case, before using the tool, it will be necessary to download it, which can be done through its website. To download CCleaner correctly, just go to download CCleaner and click on “Free Download”. Once you have downloaded install the program and you can use it to clean the registry.

The advanced options allow CCleaner to access the Windows registry. It’s simple, all you have to do is go to the “Register” option. Once there, click on “search for problems”, when the scan is finished, click on “repair selected problems”. It is recommended that I make a backup. To finish, click on “Fix all selected problems”.

By following the above process, you will have successfully cleaned the Windows registry, which can help you solve the problem with the Openal32.dll error. In the event that it doesn’t work, try the first method shown above. In addition, you can also use an alternative to CCleaner to clean your PC, as it never hurts to use these methods.

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