How to fix ‘Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration’ in Windows 10

Ethernet is a rare term today, some know it but most will not have heard it; This is due to the commercial massification of Wi-Fi, which is now the most used medium for Internet connection, leaving Ethernet aside.

By evidence it can be said that Ethernet has advantages over wireless Internet connection, and we will see that. If you want to learn a little about what Ethernet is, and how to frequently troubleshoot related to it in Windows 10, read on.

What is Ethernet and what does it do?

There are two main types of internet connection and they are commonly used today by millions of people around the world. One of them is wired and the other is wireless, and both have their essential functions and properties.

In this section we are going to refer to the first of them: the Ethernet, the wired or wired type. This can be defined as the ‘local area network’ system, which consists of a cable connected to a special port of the device that can be a computer, laptop or console, and even an iPad tablet.

The function of this type of system is to connect the device, by means of a cable, to the internet network. This way is very convenient if we want to have an almost perfect stability in our connection; and it is that the local area network has some advantages.

One of the most important advantages is how stable an Ethernet-based connection can be, and therefore, the speed it has is almost uninterrupted, not to say that it is perfect for any type of work.

internet icon with ethernet cable and ip configuration

In fact, large technology companies rely on this system to power the devices in their facilities, because in addition to being more secure and reserved than the wireless way, it is much faster in terms of online procedures.

What is an IP address?

In an established connection from a device to the network, that is, an Internet connection, an identification by said device is necessary , which can be a computer, a laptop, a tablet of any type, a smartphone and even a video game console.

There is a way to identify yourself to the network, to be able to make yourself visible to other users who are browsing the Internet like you. This way is the IP Address.

Like the cars with their license plates, the 600-meter runners in the Olympics, the military in a battalion and the addresses in codes that correspondence companies handle, when browsing the internet we need a name or number to be identified by other users.

All devices that are connected, either by LAN (local area network in English) or WLAN (wireless local area network), must be linked to an IP address that can be private or public depending on the configuration that has been given. dice.

Steps to fix ‘Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration in Windows 10

The Ethernet sometimes has problems related to the IP address in Windows 10, and here we ‘ll show you how to fix it . But before that you must make sure you have the Wi-Fi and Ethernet drivers installed on the PC.

If you do not have these drivers, you should download and install them when you can, otherwise it would be impossible to have access to the Internet. In case you have the drivers but they are outdated, you will have to update them on your Windows PC. 

ip configuration with ethernet cable

Now, we will learn how to solve the problem in question. Let’s open the start, look for the letters rege, and click on Registry Editor. A tab will open where we will find about 4 folders.

At this point we will follow the sequence: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Control> Nsi> first folder {eb004a00-9h1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc}> 26 (with right click)> Permissions. At this point we will activate full control in the open window, then click on apply and accept.

Next: WindowsPowerShell (Administrator)> type: NETSH INT IP RESET C: \ RESETLOG.TXT> press: Enter. Finally, we must restart the computer to solve the problem of ‘Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration’.

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