How to fix error 0x0000079 when Installing a Printer in Windows?

Windows is one of the best operating systems in the world, as it has a lot of functions and tools that allow you to do anything. However, this is not why it lacks errors, and with that in mind, today you will see How to fix error 0x0000079 when installing a printer?

The reality is that in Windows even external devices can fail, because being such a complex operating system, compatibility is sometimes affected by various factors. The good thing is that each of the failures has a solution, so thanks to guides like this you will never be helpless.

Before starting, you should know that for the purposes of this tutorial you should update your Windows to the latest version available, or failing that, buy a valid license from the Store if you don’t have it yet, since without that you may not have all the options. set out below.

How to fix error 0x0000079 when installing a printer?

Now, to get to the point and learn as soon as possible how to solve the error 0x0000079 when installing a printer, the first thing to keep in mind is why this error occurs.

It basically happens when you try to configure and set a printer as the default, since the system (either due to compatibility or another failure) throws this error to prevent you from carrying out this process.

blue screen error alert

Actually the error is from the operating system and not from your printer, so solving it is much easier than you imagine. To do this you have to go to the Windows startup, from there type in the search bar: “Regedit”.

When you get a program with the same name, stand on top of it and press the right click, that will bring up a list of options, click on “Run as administrator”, with this you will be sent to the registry editor.

Inside it open a bunch of folders arranged vertically, look for the one that says “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” and press the arrow next to it, this action will display more folders, among these select “Software”.

Then choose “Microsoft”, then “WindowsNT”, then “Currentversion”, and finally “Windows”, above it press the right button of the mouse and select the option called “Permissions”.

Final steps to fix the fatal error!

With the above, you are one step closer to solving the error 0x0000079 when installing a printer, now you only need the final steps. Once you have given “Permissions”a small window will open with several options.

Within it you must choose the group that is named “All application packages”, then you must locate the selection called “Full control” (it is right there in the box), and enable the “Allow” box to is.

windows error popup

Finally click “OK” to save all the changes you have made and return to the previous folder (Windows), right click on the file called “Device” and proceed to completely remove it from your PC.

Then restart your PC and that’s it. Now your device should work perfectly without any failure, so you can already say that you know how to fix error 0x0000079 when installing a printer.

It is time for you to go and start applying each of the steps so that this failure does not torment you anymore, however and although you are done, you should not stop your search for knowledge here.

Since it is most likely that at some point another error may occur to you again, so as a recommendation you should look for : How to solve the error the printer is not activated ?

Or failing that, you can also inquire about other types of errors, such as: the error code 0xE0000227 , which is very common and could take a toll on you at any time.

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