How to fix CTRL C and CTRL V if it doesn’t work when copying and pasting in Windows?

The most common solution is linked to the AutoHotkey quick script to allow pasting from the keyboard. What it actually does is grab the contents of the clipboard and use the SendInput function to send the keystrokes.

In addition to the shortcut combinations of CTRL + C and CTRL + V, the Windows keyboard comes with many other shortcut combinations that you should know about.

Practical guide to repair CTRL C and CTRL V in Windows

As with any other media, users will have to go through a series of really easy steps to repair CTRL C and CTRL V in Windows, being the following:

Enter the tools panel

The first thing you have to do to copy and paste in Windows 10, is to right-click on the title bar at the command prompt. Then, we proceed to select the option called “Properties”.

Following this procedure, a pop-up window with various tabs and functions will appear on the screen. Locate the command that says “Keyboard” and double click.

Enable option

Once inside, the next move will be to choose the command that says “Enable new Ctrl keyboard shortcuts “. However, on some computers, the ideal is to first select the button that says “Enable experimental console functions ” and repeat the previous step.

Just as you can enable the shortcut options, you can also enable and disable the use of the special keys.

enable configure keys

It is very important to know the new commands are identified in a panel in the lower area of ​​the pop-up window that will be displayed on the screen when finished. In some cases, the computer has other letters to use or simply adapts an on-screen virtual keyboard.

Other ways to fix CTRL C and CTRL V in Windows

Actually, there is a way to paste or copy some text using the keyboard, but it is not terribly convenient to use. It consists of using the Alt + Space key combination.

After pressing these keys, a pop-up window will immediately appear with the list of necessary tools. Select the E key and the P key, this will serve to activate the menus and paste them where they are required by the user.

There are also other ways such as the AutoHotkey Script Ctrl + V, the first step is to download the application to the computer and run it on it. It will then proceed to create a new AutoHotkey script or add the following to your existing script.

The usefulness of the script is simply to use the SendInput function to send the data to the window, which is much faster than any other method. It is very important to know that it is a medium that does not require a lot of space on the computer.

If any key on your keyboard stops working, it would be good to review a guide on why it happens and how to fix it.

Is the AutoHotkey Script downloadable?

The answer is yes, the AutoHotkey Script is downloadable, it is available in various application stores. But, it is important to note that it is usually very heavy.

This is a function that can be eliminated through the tray icon if you wish, now if you want to hide the tray icon, the user must add #NoTrayIcon. Then, to locate the locked folder, it is necessary to place its name on the hard drive.

ctrl cv code

The download process can be done through its official platform, being the most suitable for containing all the drives and functional elements. Also, it is free from viruses or malicious aspects on the web. Finally, it is very important for consumers to know that if none of the aforementioned methods work, they will require the assistance of a specialist.

If any of the keys on your keyboard begin to fail, you have the option of checking the status or operation of a keyboard with online pages.

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