How to fix blue screen with error 0x0000000016 in Windows 10?

Error 0x0000000016 is the nightmare of PC gamers who are unable to run their games upon viewing the dreaded blue screen of death. This problem is common and has a solution. If you wonder how to fix the blue screen with error 0x0000000016 in Windows 10? , then pay attention to this interesting article.

How to fix blue screen with error 0x0000000016 in Windows 10?

The execution of games from the PC platform requires a high consumption of resources where the video card acquires a leading role. This component needs a driver to activate a series of processes and, if the system does not recognize the instructions issued by the driver, there are errors that must be corrected.

Next, we explain what error 0x0000000016 consists of and the procedure you must follow to solve blue screen of death errors while running a game.

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What is error 0x0000000016 in Windows 10?

The 0x0000000016 error refers to the graphics card driver. When the operating system detects a failure in this driver, it generates the blue screen of death or BSOD for its acronym in English.

Eventually, this error occurs when a hardware component has overheated while running a game. For this reason, it is advisable to rule out failures to carry out an effective procedure.

Procedure to fix blue screen with error 0x0000000016 in Windows 10

If your PC shows the blue screen with the error 0x0000000016, you need to follow a series of steps to check if it is possible to run your games without crashing again.

Step 1. Create a restore point

Before fixing the problem, it is recommended that you create a restore point to reset Windows 10 in case the changes do not take effect.

Step 2. Reinstall the graphics card drivers

If you have installed a driver that is incompatible with Windows 10, this may be the cause of the 0x0000000016 error. Therefore, you must open Device Manager and locate the software that corresponds to your motherboard. Use the Windows wizard to update the driver or go to the website depending on the brand of the component.

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Step 3. Reinstall the game

Generally, the error 0x0000000016 occurs during the execution of a game, that is, when the graphics card is fully operational. In this circumstance, you can reinstall the game with which the error message appears. Later, run setup again to see if the problem is corrected.

Step 4. Access the Windows troubleshooter

The Windows 10 troubleshooter can be a great tool to check why your computer is running improperly. If the source of the failure is detected, the wizard will help you correct the error quickly and easily.

Step 5. Turn off monitor sleep

Suspending the monitor can cause error 0x0000000016. This occurs because the graphics card drivers keep running in the background when the screen temporarily stops working. When reactivated, the blue screen of death may be displayed.

For this reason, it is advisable to deactivate the screen suspension from the “Settings” that you will find in the start menu.

Step 6. Check the temperature of the hardware components

It is important to check if there is an overheating of the components of the equipment during the execution of the games. In case this is the cause, you must include a new cooling system.

Step 7. Check the power source

Sometimes the 0x0000000016 error occurs due to insufficient power that does not allow normal operation of the components. Therefore, check if your equipment receives the necessary power from the main power supply. In any case, you can clean the power supply of your PC from time to time when it is necessary to apply maintenance to the equipment.

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