How to fix blue screen errors in Windows 10

This problem that sometimes happens and at any time, whether working on a project, when Windows starts or when an update is being made.

The blue screen, although you may not believe it, we can fix it without the need to go to a technician, just like it can be repaired when the computer with Windows 10 operating system freezes .

Although it seems impossible that this version of Windows 10, this type of problem occurs, due to its great stability. If it usually comes with its blue screen error, although it is not as dangerous as the one presented in old versions. But in the same way, immediate actions must be taken so that the equipment works correctly again.

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How to fix blue screen errors in Windows 10

The first thing we must do is remain calm, not be alarmed by this situation since we can solve it effectively. We must also know that it is very common for this to happen, especially when we have gone from previous versions of Windows and now we want to go to the current version.

That is why when this error happens to us, we can fix it by going back to the previous version we were using.

To do this, we restore our equipment to the previous version and then in fact we go on to disconnect any peripherals that are connected to the computer and only leave those that we are going to use such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

And then we reinstall the new version of Windows 10. Another solution that we can apply to this blue screen problem would be, before installing Windows 10 we must format the drive where the operating system is installed. But first we must save all our important files of music, videos, etc.

How do we do this? We do it by backing them up on another drive that may be on the computer or an external drive.

After this is done and when we have to install the operating system, we proceed to format the drive to erase all the programs that we have installed and there are no conflicts of any nature, when we install the operating system.

Another aspect that is also very important to know is that the hardware we use has characteristics that are supportable for the new operating system. That is why it is imperative to take this information into account to avoid conflicts. And in this way we will solve the blue screen problem when the Windows 10 version is installed.

Blue screen errors when updating

This blue screen error appears many times when the computer performs an update of existing components on the computer. Or when updating programs, applications, etc. And this causes our computer to conflict and not be able to work properly.

If after performing an update and the blue screen error appears , we must act as follows. We go to the Windows start menu and in Search we place Create a restore point. And we do a clip in search, an option appears and we must select it by doing a clip.

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This action will take us to another window, with options to create restore points. The computer can automatically create these restore points .

This serves to go back to a time in the past when the computer was working perfectly. It is also important to create these restore points before doing any updates.

And in this way we have taught you tools to solve a problem very feared by users and that is how to fix blue screen errors in Windows 10.

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